Awake Evening Batch Day 5 # Four Levels of Consciousness

20:05:06 From Prachi Kathale : day 5

20:05:08 From Rohit Balakshe : 5

20:05:13 From Magdalena B : 55

20:05:23 From Magdalena B : 5

20:05:24 From Saraswathy : day 5

20:05:28 From Reshma Apte : Loving the meditations!

20:05:50 From Meeta Bagwe : I am finding the meditations and visualizations very helpful

20:05:50 From Anurag Mehrotra : 1) Going well - concepts you have shared 2) can we also talk about tools for us

20:05:54 From Rohit Balakshe : getting a lot of wisdom from You

20:05:55 From Ishita Tripathi : the Tibetan bowl music in the beginning

20:05:56 From Tapan : Useful tools for peace of mind

20:05:56 From Sheila Mathilakath : I am loving the stillness in the beginning and the mai-yur-ma in the end

20:06:05 From Damayanti Suryawanshi : meditation in dark

20:06:05 From Zarine Ninan : loving the perspective on quality of life

20:06:05 From Ishita Tripathi : the meditation is super !

20:06:06 From Nandini Mehra : Would love a deep guided meditation.

20:06:08 From Saraswathy : how do we integrate these practices. is there any set time... or it's just being in constant awareness

20:06:10 From Sarika Salvi Vasudev : The stories and quotes and meditations of course.

20:06:12 From Kashish Punjabi : stories with the message is leaving an impact on mind . has helped me to bring awareness into being present in the moment

20:06:14 From Tanya Dutt : Staying in the present has become easier

20:06:15 From Shailja Patwari : ya the Meditation has been very good

20:06:16 From Swagata Mukherjee : I feel a lot of peace

20:06:16 From Ale Vazquez : meditations very nice! and the ways to send blessings to all

20:06:19 From ARUN PADMANABHAN : Becoming more tranquil,serene.

20:06:20 From Madhu Sundaram : Awareness

20:06:21 From Zarine Ninan : the stories

20:06:28 From Rajiv Bharadwaj : 2. Getting unstuck and trauma healing ...

20:06:34 From Ale Vazquez : nothing to improve, you are awesome !

20:06:35 From Saraswathy : Insight is wonderful.. eye opening

20:06:36 From Madhu Sundaram : seems like a game changer

20:06:39 From Aseem Dubey : how to stop mind chatters with unnecessary thoughts

20:06:42 From Reshma Apte : Hi, can I ask a question?

20:06:52 From Rasika Morajkar : Every bit of each session is very amazing … making mind more calm

20:06:57 From Sahana Tambat : Able to heal self with the sessions

20:06:58 From Madhu Sundaram : specially for a trauma filled soul..😀

20:06:58 From Sumithra Sharatkumar : I'm totally loving this course. It is very informative without being overwhelming. Great concepts being taught. What I would like more of is everyday tools we can practice after these 9 days are over! Thank you

20:06:58 From Magdalena B : Love the meditations we did in the dark

20:07:03 From Prachi Kathale : the stories you share are awesome 😎 loved the lessons from these stories ♥️

20:07:16 From Renuka Taneja : love the meditations

20:07:23 From R Sha : Concepts are very helpful and beautifully explained ..still would like to know how to control emotions

20:07:28 From Rohit Balakshe : though u under everything consciously...need to learn how to control negative feelings

20:07:36 From Rohit Balakshe : I understand

20:07:50 From ARUN PADMANABHAN : Time for now to manifest excellence .techniques needed.

20:07:51 From Madhu Sundaram : Every line from u makes me smile , relax and light...which is fantastic

20:08:14 From maddy upadhyay : loving just listening, just enjoying me time

20:08:24 From Pragati Negi Noronha : 1- Sat-Sang is something to look forward to 2- Can u help share ways to practically implement/integrate the teachings!

20:08:33 From Prachi Kathale : i practice for manifestation so shall i discontinue it ?

20:09:14 From Saraswathy : Wow... it's Like Simran Karo... Simran ki ginti nahi.

20:09:18 From Sumbul Alladin : little gems like "suffering is arguing with reality" are working for me as great reminders. meditation of course is always helpful.

20:09:21 From Meeta Bagwe : Love the clarity with which you give us the teachings and concepts...….

20:09:59 From Meeta Bagwe : As long as we are aware we are spiritual junkies

20:10:18 From Pragati Negi Noronha : Moderation is the key...

20:10:23 From Sarita Menon : Loved the teachings explained in a simple way

20:10:34 From Madhu Sundaram : How do i find " balance "...I feel am enuf...but others seem to sugg otherwise.How do i support them in their material quest

20:11:43 From Sarika Salvi Vasudev : The stories and quotes just flows from is wonderful

20:14:31 From Rohit Balakshe : but we should have a definite goal knowing where we want to go..

20:14:53 From Sahana Tambat : it's like being in gratitude

20:14:57 From Sahana Tambat : ?

20:15:15 From Rohit Balakshe : Use money value ppl..rather than valuing money and using ppl

20:15:16 From Tapan : What does 'where am I coming from' mean here? pls give an example

20:15:19 From Pragati Negi Noronha : can u elaborate - what does that mean - where am I coming from?

20:21:16 From Reshma Apte : How does this principle apply in material life?

20:21:38 From Kashish Punjabi : you can only pour what u have in your cup

20:26:07 From Magdalena B : no

20:26:10 From Rohit Balakshe : no

20:26:14 From Rohit Balakshe : no

20:26:15 From Magdalena B : no

20:26:19 From Magdalena B : no

20:26:20 From Kashish Punjabi : no

20:26:23 From Prachi Kathale : no no no

20:26:29 From Prachi Kathale : no

20:26:37 From Prachi Kathale : no

20:26:42 From Sarika Salvi Vasudev : It was nothingness

20:26:48 From Kashish Punjabi : ok

20:26:54 From Rohit Balakshe : fine

20:29:33 From Prachi Kathale : guilty aa charged🙈

20:36:39 From Partha Sundararajan : pls repeat the homework

20:38:16 From Paddy : Make a list of all things you do that you regret & a list of all things you do that you don’t regret

20:39:48 From Prachi Kathale : school should include mental health, mindfulness, behavior, etc for teaching in their curriculum

20:41:34 From Saraswathy : I was feeling angry with repair work noise in my neighbors house... now the person on top has begun his house repair... haha... so... what I focussed on... expanded.

20:42:01 From Sheila Mathilakath : @saraswathy hahaha

20:42:04 From Rohit Balakshe : I

20:42:57 From Sahana Tambat : can I ask a question??

20:43:00 From Sahana Tambat : please

20:45:50 From Partha Sundararajan : thank you padmajaa

20:46:38 From Paddy : 👍🏽

20:48:36 From Prachi Kathale : i have started saying "Is that so?"

20:48:43 From Prachi Kathale : 😂

20:52:19 From Sheila Mathilakath : wow!

20:52:23 From Priyanka Ghode : how wonderful

20:52:44 From Vijeta Sahay : Blessed. Getting answers to so many internal questions.

20:55:34 From Tapan : can I ask a question next?

20:56:52 From Madhu Sundaram : Whst we give attention ..grows

20:57:22 From Madhu Sundaram : Sahana for u ..will that help 👆

21:01:01 From Partha Sundararajan : infinite blessings to Sahana ..

21:01:20 From Prachi Kathale : show it if you own it❤️

21:03:29 From Sheila Mathilakath : Thank you Nithya...thank you all...see you all tomorrow:}

21:03:48 From Sahana Tambat : Thanks Dear All..

21:04:21 From Rasika Morajkar : Thank you so much … lovely session

21:05:25 From Kashish Punjabi : thank u 🙏

21:05:26 From Aashima Agarwal : thanks for the session

21:06:42 From Sapna Ahuja : Thanks so much for this interactive session today Nithya 😊🙏

21:07:22 From Tanya Dutt : Thank you for the wonderful session and could relate to many of the questions.

21:07:25 From Varada Madge : thank you so much. the words “what you focus on expands” hit me. And where do you want to hang out ?

21:08:13 From Varada Madge : which space do you want to hang out ?? is a great Qs to ask and change things. thank you Nithya

21:09:49 From Rohit Balakshe : conscious non intention

21:11:58 From Madhu Sundaram : am not on telegram

21:12:19 From Saraswathy : I am not in the group

21:12:23 From Saraswathy : you mentioned

21:12:52 From Mona Gujral : Can I ask a Question?

21:13:20 From Shweta Kothari : Can i ask a question?

21:14:05 From Arundhati Rishi Prabhakar : can you pl paste the link here

21:14:14 From Arundhati Rishi Prabhakar : unable to find

m Saraswathy : can you please share the link here. 🙏

21:28:17 From Saraswathy : lovely Mona... Thanks so much

21:29:14 From Pragati Negi Noronha : How Wonderful! Many thanks!!

21:29:55 From Mona Gujral : Thank you Saraswathy

21:30:06 From Rohit Balakshe : thank you nithya