Holy Encounter

In mid-Jan 2024 Nithya Shanti had a vivid dream. In it he received a powerful transmission. He was guided to share what he received in a specific way...

21 Ways

21 - 42 - 63 mins 

21 Days

What does this mean?

21 ways to return-rest-remain in the heart: This is the essence of the transmission. This is what was unpacked over 21 (non-consecutive) days. It unfolded according to its own beautiful intelligence. 

21-42-63 mins: Implies the duration of practice. Minimum requirement is 21 mins. No more than 63 mins of practice is called for at one time. Each can participate as much as they can with ease and comfort.  

21 days: This whole process unfolded over 21 days and the recordings of these sessions is shared in this course.  

You are invited to receive what has being offered. Join if you are drawn to this, or you feel called. Else let this pass.  

That’s it! 

Nithya Shanti

What you will receive

You will get access to 21 guided Holy Encounter transmissions that will awaken your heart intelligence in deep and unexpected ways. You will need to practice them sequentially for 21 - 42 or 63 mins each. In this way something beautiful will be seeded, nurtured and blossom within you. Not much more can be said or needs to be said. This has to be experienced to be known.

Your instructor

Nithya Shanti integrates a broad tapestry of life experience with a deep inner foundation to support beings in their adventure of conscious living. After a stint in the corporate world, he embraced the monastic life, spending six years in serene forest meditation monasteries, honing his understanding of the who and what we really are.

Nithya cultivates transformational spaces through intimate one-on-one sessions, rejuvenating retreats, and compelling talks that connect with people across the globe.

'Holy Encounter' is a transmission that is meant for everyone and this course makes it available for all.

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