One on One Sessions

You can schedule one on one sessions with me through this page. I offer 30 and 60 minute sessions via zoom. These sessions are confidential in nature and designed to support you in gaining clarity and returning to emotional equilibrium. Here is how it works...

You will need:

  • An undistracted setting
  • Thirty minutes to an hour of your life
  • Internet device to access Zoom
  • A notepad or journal and pen


  • Join the meeting a few minutes before the time agreed on. We will start punctually.
  • During the session I will listen to your concerns and address them with suitable tools / processes.
  • We will begin to summarize our conversation five minutes before the end of our time.
  • The call will end punctually according to the set time.
  • After the call be quiet and reflect. Make some notes if you like

That's all!


Is this therapy / counselling / coaching?

These sessions are not exactly any of these, though they have some elements of all of them. It is a interaction with me and it will take a form that is needed depending on your needs. I am not a therapist or counsellor. I see my role as that of a spiritual friend and guide who will hold space for you in a non-judgemental and compassionate way and can support you in getting unstuck.

What are the fees for these sessions?

A Single 30 mins session: USD 88 / INR 7,500

A Single 60 mins session: USD 144 / INR 12,000

Bundle of Three 60 mins sessions: USD 380 / INR 31,600

Bundle of Six 60 mins sessions: USD 720 / INR 59,900

Bundle of Nine 60 mins sessions: USD 888 / INR 73,900

What happens if you need to reschedule or if you miss a session?

Please inform me at least 4 hours prior to our session if you will not be able to attend or if you need to reschedule. Else your session fees will be forfeited for that session.

Are these sessions recorded?

Sessions are usually not recorded. However if you would like a recording please let me know and I will record it and later give you a download link to the video and audio file.

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