Introduction to Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

00:43:09 Vasanth K: be able to use the tool to drop my baggage

00:43:12 Magdalena Baciu: Clarity and equinimity

00:43:15 Monika Bhargava: Let go off my self doubt, confusion and fear.

00:43:15 Vasudha Athani: open for anything. No intention set today somehow.

00:43:17 Reema Khanna: to be empty yet complete

00:43:18 Alex Ouseph: Joyfulness

00:43:18 Shilpa Passi: To have fun with all that comes our way

00:43:19 Ale: continue unraveling, cleaning

00:43:19 Jasvinder Kaur: peace within myself

00:43:19 Ashish Kumar: I am looking for clarity on how to scale up my Mindfulness business

00:43:21 Manisha Satish: to let go my past

00:43:23 Sanjay Mudnaney: Equanimity

00:43:23 Gunjan Jain: to be purest form of I

00:43:23 Michelle Pereira: Intention is to tap for my mothers lightness, well being and joy

00:43:26 Jeevan N: To be aware more about myself

00:43:26 Rashmi Jain: to be able to let go of things

00:43:26 Deepali Goyal: letting go of unhelpful emotions

00:43:27 Rashmi Mandhyan: To be calmer and at peace

00:43:28 srikant chari: My intention to be clear with my path

00:43:28 Yukti Arora: To not get impacted so gravely by petty issues...

00:43:31 Rhituparna Mitra: To meet myself with clarity

00:43:31 sangeeta: To let go of the past

00:43:31 Ankita Jain: to be able to be present and not in my emotions

00:43:32 Divleen Sidhu: feel lighter and Joyful

00:43:34 vinny mehra: Be the kindest person

00:43:36 Radha TSJ: To be creative in my statements while making others tap, getting better results.

00:43:36 Bargavi Sarangan: Rise fearlessly like a Phoenix without fear and doubts

00:43:36 Sridevi Padmanabhan: to use EFT as easily as I use my toothbrush

00:43:38 Nupur Agarwal: To be able to come into a neutral space 

00:43:39 Brinder Rivi Rebello: to implement rule no 6

00:43:40 Puja Verma: To have more energy so I can help more people.

00:43:40 Yash Jain: starting of new journey

00:43:40 Manisha Pande: dont know yet

00:43:42 Meeta Bagwe: letting go of fear and self doubt

00:43:43 vidya ravi: To be brave and confident that all will be well

00:43:44 Ritu Agarwal: As I am going to my home town..I want to relate all fear and be more resilient.

00:43:45 Sumithra Sharatkumar: To be able to use the tools learnt today to get clarity and confidence

00:43:46 Sujai MC: Improved health

00:43:47 AKSHIT HANSLAS: Feel Light, calm and full of clarity

00:43:47 P D: to let go of some beliefs …

00:43:49 Devayani Bhave: to have complete clarity and fun in decision making

00:43:51 sreedevi venkat: I have no intention for this session

00:43:54 Ritu Agarwal: Enjoy every moment of the day

00:43:57 Kusum M Purabia: a

00:43:58 Savita Pattar: open to everything

00:43:59 Yukti Arora: strength to my optimum level;

00:44:00 Sapna Bhomia: enjoy

00:44:01 Vandana Singh: clarity , confident

00:44:02 Jeevan N: to be more aware

00:44:06 Preethi Errabelli: inner child healing

00:44:08 Zara Kaushik: intention: to be fully aware of my alignment with the universe - alignment that already exists.

00:44:11 divita rao: to develop faith and let go of fear. live life to the fullest. to drop my anxieties and show up for life. getting out of stickiness and stuckness

00:44:14 vijay Shinde: To be able to overcome negative experience and overcome past fearness

00:44:14 Komal Kanal: Heal myself

00:44:17 Mitaly Vaishnav: Being balanced in all aspects achieving highest good forgetting past totally n be joyous n loving n be mindful being authentic

00:44:26 Deepali Sanghavi: We are 111 people today on the call

00:44:30 Tayyaba (Tabby) Sajid: To be less anxious in stressful situations

00:44:32 Bhawana: to be at hygga place or just like you said to be at the o=place of equanimity

00:44:57 Gunjan Verma: To be more present in the moment

00:44:59 Nupur Agarwal: should be rule number 1

00:46:38 Ritu Agarwal: I am joining

00:47:14 Ritu Agarwal: wow

00:50:31 Puja Verma: Choppy audio.

00:50:55 Ritu Agarwal: no

00:50:59 Sripriya Mathur: we r fine

00:50:59 Magdalena Baciu: Seems fine

00:50:59 sreedevi venkat: fine

00:50:59 Ritu Agarwal: Its foine

00:51:11 reena mishra: it’s fine

00:51:11 Puja Verma: Ok. 👍🏽

01:02:22 Deepali Sanghavi: But there’s always a reason for the energy disruption

01:12:03 Deepali Sanghavi: I have a question

01:15:12 Vasudha Athani: in kung fu panda 2, the way po tells he will kill inner peace

01:17:52 Rashmi Mandhyan: it's paining after massaging

01:22:42 Bhawana: not pagadi but JOODI will be there

01:24:31 vidya ravi: Kids will love it !!!

01:27:48 Sumithra Sharatkumar: I have a question?

01:27:54 Sujai MC: Any easy way to remember this

01:28:10 Mitaly Vaishnav: What are u drinking

01:28:37 Vidit kataria: I have a question

01:28:47 Reema Khanna: is the finger tapping as effective as the other method? I think it is convenient at work

01:29:15 Jasvinder Kaur: how long do we tap each point

01:29:34 Vidit kataria: I have a question

01:30:37 Bargavi Sarangan: when do we do the karate chop point after the sternum??

01:30:40 A: I really do love this ‘HaHa Yaana’ So much love <3 <3

01:30:45 Sripriya Mathur: Can we visualize doing the tapping points in situations where it might not be possible to do explicitly

01:30:49 Reema Khanna: How many minutes at a time should we tap to get the maximum benefits ?

01:31:45 Bargavi Sarangan: I got the answer.Thanks Yukti

01:32:19 Radhika Srinivas: sorry please repear about when to do the sore spot

01:33:16 Sumithra Sharatkumar: You can do sore spot instead of Karate chop point - before you start the EFT sequence

01:33:35 Radhika Srinivas: thanks sumithra

01:33:39 Radha TSJ: Chocolate cake😎

01:38:05 vinny mehra: Does this work for allergies too?

01:38:57 Pinky Rita RANIWALA: it does vinny

01:39:33 A asreedevi venkat: just join daily practice of nitya you get good sleep

01:40:23 Ritu Agarwal: What about ironic headheache

01:40:36 Ritu Agarwal: Cronic headache

01:45:13 Sumithra Sharatkumar: I am certified in EFT too Ritu

01:45:54 Radhika Srinivas: when u tap for the chronic pain of the past, what is the statement umake?

01:45:54 Rhituparna Mitra: Zara is also great with EFT. She helps you tap specifically on the issue, identify emotions etc

01:50:16 Ritu Agarwal: U r always drinking from varied jar, glasses

01:54:26 P D: when you say tap on the emotions, what do we have to say?

01:57:21 Monika Bhargava: In case of deeper issues like self doubt , fear due to years of conditioning , whether daily 1 hour of practice works or do we need to start again every day

01:59:31 Yukti Arora: I had the same question...

01:59:37 Yukti Arora: thanks mitaly

02:00:22 Vasudha Athani: feeling things completely , sitting with it and clearing it.

02:04:27 Ale: sorry, G stands for?

02:04:35 ANJURI JAIN: gratitude

02:04:36 Ankita Jain: Gratitude

02:04:36 Monika Bhargava: gratitude

02:04:38 Bhawana: Gratitude

02:04:39 Meeta Bagwe: Gratitude

02:04:40 P D: G stands for gratitude

02:04:51 Ale: thanks!

02:05:03 Bhawana: Gratitude for the improvement or progress you made

02:05:13 Monika Bhargava: F stands?

02:05:23 Kalpana Sivakumar: fun

02:05:23 ANJURI JAIN: Fun /funny

02:05:24 P D: fun

02:05:27 Monika Bhargava: oh sorry

02:05:31 Monika Bhargava: thank you

02:05:55 Bhawana: FORK

02:14:35 Kalpana Sivakumar: good:)

02:18:44 Yukti Arora: Wooowwww

02:22:19 varnika: why deep deeper deepest breath?

02:22:33 Reshma Apte: The pain actually got a little worse for a second

02:23:03 Ritu Agarwal: 10 to 8

02:23:16 Magdalena Baciu: 10 to 2 for me

02:24:11 Ritu Agarwal: Naughty Nithya is back

02:24:51 Rohan Mech: can we get recording of this session 🙏

02:24:54 Sujai MC: Exhale from mouth?

02:24:58 Radhika Srinivas: whereis nithyas script for eft?

02:25:37 Nupur Agarwal:

02:26:32 Bhawana: —I was very surprised to know that in US rehab hospital, they use EFT with their patients—I was practicing it on my own after watching youtube videos but today’s session helped me to understand it at a deeper level..thank you Nithya !!

02:27:08 Nupur Agarwal: will we get recordings of these 21 days

02:27:56 Niharika Ahluwalia: Thank You Everyone. This was a great sessions.

02:28:08 Sridevi Padmanabhan: the cost onb the link says 5880

02:28:30 Liisa Tanttari: will u mention topic before each session?

02:28:31 Sujai MC: Thank you, Nithya for this 🙏

02:28:53 Vandana Singh: thank you so much Nithya

02:29:26 Radhika Malkan: Link isn’t opening

02:29:49 Padmajaa:

02:30:26 Rohan Singal: already paid - Ruchi

02:30:38 Sameera Kamulkar: Thank You Nithya

02:30:48 Rashmi Mandhyan: link is working

02:31:06 Ruchika Rathi: Thank u sooo much nithya

02:31:07 Manisha Kalra: Deeply grateful Nithya❤️

02:31:15 Divya Sharma: I just wanted to volunteer

02:31:18 Reema Khanna: thanks a lot Nithya

02:31:20 Liisa Tanttari: will u announce topic before each session?

02:31:27 Jasvinder Kaur: thanks for the session loved it

02:31:38 P D: Thanks Nithya, have a good evening all…keep tapping… cheers - P

02:32:19 A asreedevi venkat: what is the name of YouTube channel

02:32:29 vijay Shinde: Link is working and thanks for the offer

02:32:53 Ritu Agarwal: Lack of love

02:33:27 reena mishra: Thanks. Nithya for the wonderful session

02:33:35 Magdalena Baciu: This is the link for Brad Yates on YouTube:

02:34:51 Najma S: Thank you


02:37:11 reena mishra: Me too

02:37:41 Renuka Taneja: Please keep it going as one would also acess it later

02:38:25 Deepali Goyal: thank you Nithya!

02:38:37 Tayyaba (Tabby) Sajid: Thank you for the session today. Even though I couldn’t focus on what I needed to say exactly during the demonstration with the volunteer, I practiced all the steps. Borrowing benefits I did feel better anyway.

02:38:42 Ashish Kumar: Hi! Nithya I have a question

02:38:44 Bhawana: 21 days is going to be more about practicing together and making it a habit and see the shift —at least for me :)

02:39:19 Radha TSJ: Registered🤘! My fav tool

02:39:28 Devayani Bhave: Thank you, Nithya and everyone! Have a wonderful day/evening/night!

02:40:13 Shriram krishnamachari: Thank you Nithya

02:40:14 Vasudha Athani: even today a few other's back pain number was down.

02:40:18 Renuka Taneja: Thank u for the lovely session

02:40:31 Renuka Taneja: It was great thank u

02:40:44 Liisa Tanttari: Thank u very much, enjoy evening🙏😇🙏

02:41:15 Kusum M Purabia: THANK YOU NITHYA

02:42:40 Natasha Sinha: Thanks a bunch, Nithya. Was great to revive the practise after a few days. <3

02:43:07 Komal Kanal: Thank you Nithya, Deep Gratitude

02:44:16 Dr neelam Himthani: Thankuu❤️🙏🙏

02:44:53 Puja Verma: ETF is Top 5. What are other 4? 😉

02:45:14 Manasvi Mehta: Thank you so much Nithya. Thank you everyone.

02:54:55 Puja Verma: Thank u for answering everyone’s questions. ❤️

03:01:42 Dr neelam Himthani: Thanku🌹

03:02:09 Rhituparna Mitra: Learnt a lot from the questions asked and the responses!

03:02:39 divita rao: when you are doing the this practise daily... and the mind at times tells you that its getting boring, this is so irrelevant, boring, not best usage of time, how can we counter that?

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