Resetting Your Money Vibration

Resetting Our Money Vibration 

This session on “Resetting Our Money Vibration” has been appreciated by many people. So I’m sharing it here for all to access and benefit from.

You can also read the comments and experiences of people who have done this practice below.

Some feedback I’ve received about this session…


You embody truly generosity and gratitude 🙏🏼 the resetting of money vibration session fine tuned the entire gamut around money..during the first 20 minutes there was quite a release and then spaciousness emerged.. the playful and lightness energy around the money came up for me as we were nearing the end .. as I reflected on the past decades of my life ,the most important thing is freedom . what you said abt nothing, something and everything landed just right atleast it seemed so . and a visual appeared towards the end was there is a rail engine going on a new shiny track just moving ahead ..doing what's needed to be done..Presence was vivid at times .🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Much gratitude!



Hi Nithya! First of lots of Love and Gratitude for sharing such a deep session on Money! 🙏

Initially when you started the session and asked us what are we feeling ? A tightness arose in me in the form of a pain body that I couldn't make money in stock markets... However later the Ho'o'pono prayer helped me clean my relationship and dissolve my sticky feeling around that...It gave me complete Freedom and a Oneness with money! Like Air, Water & Sunlight it's available in abundance! I'm now at complete peace! Thank you so much!🙏❤️👏



Hey Nithya - Thank you 🙏 for sharing this wonderful gift 🎁 with us! I realised how there can be different ways of looking money and how I can relate differently with it !



Thank you Nithya 🙏

It opened up many new doorways and put a few stacks of beliefs.

Enhanced my understanding of the universe, nothingness in me, and me in nothingness. A Belief that all things are taken care by our higher authorities, when time is right it's given. 

We only need to expand our awareness and keep building what we intend. Everything else will fall in place, even money.

Thank you for this awesome learnings and awareness. 🙏🌻☺️

Shivani G.


Hi Nithya ! 

I saw the session on setting the vibration for my relationship with money . It was healing , therapeutic and I felt connected as never before . Initially , what was coming up was an acute discomfort with money , a feeling of lack, insecurity and a fear and anxiety around it. Gradually as the session progressed , I started to feel an ease and comfort with letting go. The most powerful aspect was not to relate to money and myself as things , but as a singular energy immersed in oneness. The truth of everything manifest as coming out of nothingness and returning to it , was rejuvenating . Living the game of life with detachment is a powerful key, that alleviates suffering . The session had a highly positive vibe and calming energy , and left me healed from within . That’s how I felt . Hope to follow this train of understanding . 

Thank you so much :) 

I’m travelling this month . My SP subscription has expired . I’ll be renewing it for the quarter May-June and then will extend . 

Thank you for the value you bring to our lives ❤️❤️💜💜..

Puneet M.


Dear Nithya Sir, 

This is my gratitude message for Raising Your Money Vibration. Till now I always used to ‘change’ my money reality but what really felt peaceful was to accept the present reality as it is. There is perfect amount of money at each stage of game. The awareness that there is no difference between me and money was enlightening. The example on the kind of relation a new born baby shares with money brought the realisation how our beliefs and emotions associated with money are formed. For me, it was both insightful and experiential. There was a sense of deep acceptance and contentment at the end of the session. Thank you from the core of my heart. 🙏😇



Dhanyawad Nithya ,

Guru's Grace.. connecting with you again after almost 15 years 🙏

So recently have been sitting with Ik from Ik Ongkar and it seems my money story too found the Ik .. zariya you 💓

Flowing along.. money emerged as a strong need , as solid as a brick ..eased out as you continued ... into flow, infinite flow..

Take care of your Private reality ( biggest takeaway) the public reality will take care of itself. Simplified... resonance ..registered

Do you worry about essentials like air, gravity..that almost felt like a slap.. a stern wake up and i loved it .. grateful 

I am money.. oh yeah ... totally .. fun !

Who are you without these assumptions ...humbly powerful declutter .. 

What would that amount do that this amount is not doing ? Will reflect more on this question .. 

Perfection of every amount at every stage ... had this awareness today morning ... happening ..its all a happening ... 

Nothingness to everythingness to the perfect somethingness 🙏

Sampoorna + Samarpan 

And so it is, and so it is and so it is ♡ 

Sabka Mangal Hoye re 😇

Gratitude and Love 



Hi Nithya,

Your session on Resetting your Vibration with money so resonated with me. It reaffirmed to me the fact that the universe is geared to look out for us. All we need to do is trust it's wisdom.

My relationship with money has taught me the beauty of embracing serendipity and synchronicity allowing for a dance with chance and meaning and finding joy in unexpected moments and answers to complicated situations.

Gratitude always 🙏🏽



Just finished hearing the session about money. 

At first every thing was blank nothing was coming nothing was going. Then the only thing that came was - I have every thing I need as I need it. And I abide by that( heartfelt thank you and gratitude for introducing it). 

In the meditation I am taken from everything to nothing by something. And that nothing is just pure bliss. When you were mentioning this, it was so relatable. 

And lastly the one thing that struck me was - hadiba, kheliba, dhariba dhyan. 

One more mantra that you added along with the previous one. 

One last thing that i have been experiencing lately is - I am every thing every one and every thing and every one is me. That oneness with every thing. This was also so relatable. 

Thank you so much. Deep gratitude for sharing this awesome session with all of us. You are truly a blessed beautiful soul in our life. 🙏🙏🙏

Radhika K.


Thank you for the reset your relationship with money talk. It was initially unsettling in the begining but i persisted and I am really glad I did that. By the end I was choking and literally had tears. When you said everything in your private space is an exclusive creation for you I felt as if this talk was something that the universal intelligence figured out I needed and manifested by inspiring you, after that thought I literally couldn't maintain my composure. I have had some real anxieties relating to money about having enough about comparing with others about deserving it. All of it just started melting when the idea of everything being in perfect proportion and at the right time for everyone came up. I realised how naive my beliefs were about me driving the car when all that I was holding the toy wheel. So when the car turned the way I steered I was happy and when it didn't I was frustrated and distraught. I laughed at being anxious when all that I was expected to do was trust the process. Because I wasnt letting the universe it gave me a dummy wheel and kept me distracted with the frustration and glee of being in command while it did what was needed. For I never was ever knowledgeable enough to do that in the first place. I know it's gonna take a lot of conscious effort for me to remain self assured and do what best I can but certainly I shall be consistently consciously choosing this thought and correcting myself every time I catch myself off course.



Dear Nithya,

Your session on Resetting our Money Vibration was the medicine I didn't know I needed. 

Disillusioned with capitalistic greed, I'd moved to the development sector 17 years ago. But it was only last year that I realized that my strained relationship with money was threatening the survival of our non-profit work. This year has been about a re-set, starting with your Prosperity Portal workshop. The impact is apparent, we're able to see the possibility of covering our costs this year. 

This session took this to a different level of depth altogether. Yesterday, I paused at "I am Money". I physically shuddered and rejected this suggestion. When I gave it another go today, knots and pains released from my body, and tears kept streaming down my face. Tears of love, joy, one-ness. It felt like coming home, like meeting a long-lost friend, like meeting myself. 

Your prompt to have the same trust with money as we have with air to breathe is going to be my new anchor as I ease into this new way of Being. 

Many blessings and much gratitude for your abundant, generous sharing 🙏



Dear Nithya Shanti ji,

I am grateful to you beyond words. 

I attended ResetingYourMoneyVibrations. It was amazing. 

I had a strongly cribbing and begging mindset for many many years of my life, but I was not aware, due to which I always had serious financial issues. Once I realised it, the issues were gone, but even today I have the BLOCK – if I get money it will not stay with me – there will be some situation to make me spend it, and I am left with only hand to mouth resources. In this session I learnt how to remove such beliefs. I am going to practice it. Thank you soo much Nityaji….🙏🏻

Each cell of me is telling thank you and grateful always 🙏🏻

Bhavani C.


Dearest Nithya,

Resetting Money was the second practice I've done with you regarding issues around money. The impact these practices have had on my life is profound. The last 3 years have been challenging with Ryan's illness and his being uninsured (not a great place to be in the US). Money has consistently appeared when needed, sometimes in the least expected places. I seem to always have what I need and to my utter amazement, I find that I no longer have room for the fear that used to live in the pit of my stomach. I am so very grateful and appreciative of you!



Hari Om. I listened to the recording twice...the questions you have put are just so deep. I never really have given this direction to my thoughts..I have written them down and intend to visit them often, not only about money, but about more beliefs that I carry along with me..I am indeed very grateful to you.



Thank you for posting the session on Money Relationship.

This episode has come into my life right when I am having a conversation regarding a correction in my grade and pay correction to bring in parity with peers and as just rewards for the work I have delivered over the past few years.

While I have been happy with the reasonable progress I have made over the last few years, the need and desperation to make more money has only increased over the past few years. There is a realisation for catch up, given that I have fallen behind compared to peers. 

I could relate to all the suggestions propounded in the session. Needless to say, I also felt that I would require to revisit the video to imbibe the lessons. 

Thank you very much for the session! It has lent lightness to the pursuit.  




Reset your money vibration was amazing. Thank you so much. I wish I could transcribe it. 😊



Hi Nithya,

Thank you so much for sharing this practice - I was struggling with my own money issues for the past few months. 

I got to know from my brother after 10 yrs of my father’s passing that he had left me some money in his Will . This was kept a secret by my brother and mother. He was supposed to give me 50 lacs which he hid from me and came to light when he had to sell some property and needed my signatures for it . 

He then promised that he would pay me after selling the property but again denied after doing so. At this point in time neither my mother nor my brother and sister are talking to me. 

What you shared is helping me to heal from the hurt I am feeling. It’s not completely gone but I m sure I shall overcome the negativity I m feeling from this fallout with my family. Thank you so much once again for having put me on this journey to heal myself. 🤗❤️



Hey Nithya,

I was wanting to write you on my reflection towards Reset Your Money Vibration. I heard this thrice in a matter of 2 days. Honestly 2.5 times as yesterday night while listening to the recording, it got expired/restricted.

There is so much that I feel grateful for when I imbibed each word and a new perspective of looking at Money has emerged from within. 

Combining it with Ho’oponopono was nothing short of clearing activity for me as I was holding so many impression about money as a commodity and forgot that it is more than that.. Even more than energy and beyond. 

From no money to some money to excess money... I felt complete within and fears dissolved within and attachment of it faded away with each moment. 

Thank you for sharing this and something has healed within. Love love love Akshit💜💞🙏🏻


Hello, Good Evening. 

I have watched the "Resetting Your Money Vibrations" video. 

This is one of the best things I have gone through in the recent past. I felt calm. Peace. And I also felt that this technique can be applied to other aspects of my life where I am feeling some kind of hitch. Pure Blessings. Thanks A Lot. 

Anant Mudita 🙏

Pritam B.


Thank you so much for sharing this recording. It made me closely think of my relationship with money. While presumably I seem to be at peace with what I have, i do realise I have a fear of having no money or being financially dependent on those around me. I need to work on this concern. 

My mum went through a phase when she had financial issues and to make up for it she saved every penny she could. I would say she died a rich woman. The last decade of her life she had severe health conditions and what stayed with me was her relationship with money where in her last few days (she died during COVID), she spoke of me sending her 200 INR so she could get chocolates for the nurses who were looking after her. It left an indelible mark on the importance of money and how much we should have. Your session took me back to that thought again.

The session was abstract for me initially but I think it helped me connect to the fact that I have to let go of my fear and trust the Universe to take care and provide me enough money any time.

Thank you 🙏



Greetings Nithya,

Thank you for this offering. For now, I received an insight that I have it all within me. And it will come to me when I need it, whatever that might be.




In gratitude paralysis!

Always in bliss and deep gratitude to universe and the one source - that aligned my story with you. Your transmission is often exactly overlaps with the inquiry I’m sitting with. The day before as I was coming down from Triund Trek I was feeling so called “poor” in my thoughts; and for the entire 4 hour of descending I was talking to myself why am I feeling this, it is not me, but as I was looking at it even with compassion it stayed persistent :) I would distract my mind during breaks by reading the Lester Levenson post you shared (still hasn’t finished yet :)) but the money wound will rise again, which I thought I had dissolved.

And my friend… you offered just that yesterday 🙏🏾🫶🏽✨🤗

In my last decade with you… the amount of magical synchronicities I experienced with you, felt like your teaching and mangal Maitri being a stage - a strong solid stage - upon which I can allow to play out my own theatre 🎭 and let unfold any and all expression that rises up without hesitating. Because I know if I lose touch with my ‘beingness’ during the play, I’m standing upon the very source… so even if I fall flat, I’ll be the closest to the source again, drink from the very fountain, rejuvenating and quenching my true essence and get up to play again 

Thank you to the teacher in you.. thank you to the friend in you.. thank you to the lover in you.. thank you to the everything and nothingness in you.. thank you to the perfect imperfection and inner wisdom in you that allows you to continue experiment and play this game per your own intuitive guidance free from any praise or criticism… thank you to your ancestors for continuing to shower blessings on you…

I couldn’t have chosen a better friend for Haseeba Kheliba Dharuna Dhyanam .

The fun has just begun!



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