Participant Feedback For Abundance Activation Intensive (30 days)

Abundance Activation Intensive with Nithya Shanti
Participant Experiences and Testimonials


Dear Nithya,

This course has been one of the most life changing courses I have done. The learnings, experiences and realizations have been huge.

I am experiencing a complete shift in my inner being, thoughts, emotions, approach. I truly believe that I can create abundance and this belief has happened for the very first time.

My anxiety and sleepless nights have gone. And there is a stillness and calm inside me at all times. 

My thinking about my work and how I can expand it, is totally different from a month ago when I started the course. I now have many new ideas and am open to new avenues that I did not consider before.

The big one is my sense of self worth. I feel truly worthy of the good life, brilliant work, abundance of wealth and great relationships. And I can see a change in people's attitude towards me. I see shiny eyes. 💕

Zibu Symbols, one command, EFT, switchwords, invisible therapist are the precious tools which are going to be a part of my life forever.

Deep gratitude and love for you Nithya.

Thank you for this magical journey. 

Thank you for enriching our lives.



Hi Nithya,

Thank you for this extraordinary and miraculous month. For me it's not just ‘a month of abundance’ but the beginning of ‘a lifetime of abundance’. This course has pivoted me towards looking at all the blessings that are coming to me and to increase them manifold. 

The simple tools like the Zibu symbols and affirmations and 3x appreciation that were so effortless to practice, took me by hand to navigate through the whole course. And then Tapping, TAT , and One Command and Switch words were easier to inculcate. 

I became aware of the things that were blocking me, the fears, the feelings of low self worth, and many more such issues and they were all vanquished one by one and sometimes all together. The fact that we were a group of people in it together gave courage and also inspiration.

One of the biggest game changer was of course the assignments, the list of things that we had to offer made me see how much value I can add. And people reached out to me and I helped them. I too connected with people and reached out to them. Be it tapping for each other or just listening to you and watching the blocks disappear or watching video, every moment of the workshop was enriching and after I would look forward to it everyday.

May you continue to help others on their journey through such courses. May others receive the benefits like I did and may I continue to share my merits and abundance with others.

I love you brother. 

Thank you.


Sohrab K. 


Dear Nithya,

Highest in me bows the highest in you!!!

I feel grateful and blessed to know you and be a part of this course. I attended 29 of them and missed one, which I watched later. I didn’t realize I had so many emotional pockets. I always remembered to bring a bunch of Kleenex for each session; the relief was amazing. I saved as much material as I could to revisit. The TAT sessions were incredibly powerful. Every session empowered me and relieved me of some stress. I have saved the free sessions you posted on SoundCloud so that I can meditate with you everyday. My special thanks to Rupal who has been very helpful to me and many others. Looking forward to valuable and affordable courses like this in future. If it is meant to be, I will join you. 

In gratitude forever!!!!




I was not able to attend all the sessions due to some personal reasons, I did only a few, I was so down physically and mentally till mid June and that is when I started listening to the hour of gratitude and appreciation for a few days and it shifted me in many different ways. I attended 2 or 3 sessions and each session made me move towards trusting the process of life. Each practice is so very deep. I feel that your intention in offering this plays a major role and I have received it so well. I am at a place wondering how things have shifted, I still have challenges, now I see it completely different. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. 

Deepa Packiyanath



The highest in me bows to the highest in you. 

I don’t know where to start. This has been an amazing journey for me. I joined with the intention of increasing financial abundance and to my happiest surprise, this journey not only gave me tools to increase my financial abundance but also different aspects of life. It has given me a different perspective of dealing with challenging situations for example the “Unseen Therapist”, I have used this tool to deal with some situations and have had good results. I regularly use the “switchwords” for example at work and at home. 

Recently we, as a family,  have been able to patch with some family friends after 14 years which I can only owe to the Abundance Channel that has helped us to clear the odds and reconnect with friends  that we never had hoped would happen. 

I have had some great shifts within me; with gazing in to my own eyes - I had never thought it would be so healing and felt very lifted after that moment. I try to practice it regularly now. It is interesting to see the difference when you look at yourself in the mirror and when you gaze at yourself - you see a difference - you actually see the real you when you gaze into your eyes (I hope this is normal :)- ) 

The limiting beliefs session was very powerful to clear some of limiting beliefs and I will continue to work on the rest. I loved your analogy of cutting the main trees will fall the smaller trees as well. I hope by clearing the stronger limiting beliefs will automatically clear some small beliefs too.

The sharing gifts session has been great too. The joy in sharing cannot be compared with any other feeling. I have always believed the more you share the more joy it brings. I loved this exercise. Through this, I have been able to connect with some great fellow attendees and going to have my first healing session in few minutes. This is so amazing, I am so grateful <3

There are other techniques like the TAT, argument tapping, Lotus process and one command process that I loved too and need to revisit to do it a few more times.  

I regularly use the Go as a blessing and come back with your million friends as a blessing - it feels great. I am also making more effort to appreciate when I receive something, I am sure this will get better as I keep practicing it. 

I enjoyed the reflection exercises of writing down our limiting beliefs, what you would like to experience, how can you add value to others life, the guess what letter was very fun filled - I felt like a child, IMULL - technique is amazing and I aim to use at work too.

Yesterday’s session on What is your dream and what is the obstacle was like as if Nithya read my mind. I had this thought in my mind for a few days of may be we should do something similar like sharing gifts - sharing ideas that we have and need help from group members who could help us make it practical and there it was yesterday’s session (29th June).

I am very grateful for this journey and very thankful and grateful for you. Thank you thank you thank you

Banu - London


Hi Nithya,

Thank you for the course! There has been much revealed, and it is so healing to get in touch with inner goings on. Thank you for the many tools you’ve shared with us, especially tapping. 

I have struggled with the course assignments and haven’t been able to complete all of them as yet. At first this stressed me, and I felt that it was not known at the beginning just how much time would be needed in addition to attending the sessions. This could be useful to share with future course participants – that there will be assignments and time needed to complete them. In my case, I decided to ‘do what I could’. I am anyway in that space, being overstressed from work and struggling sometimes to cope. 

Where I think the course has been especially beneficial in my case is concerning ‘limiting beliefs’. I was surprised to know how many there are (and participants sharing helped here as well). At the start of the course, I was in a mental state where I was worried about leaving my job and striking it out as a freelancer (having moved to a relatively new country). Today I feel energized and confident about the future, and I intend to continue to dissolve my limiting beliefs. 

One feels your sincerity and commitment to help others. Thank you!!



Pranaam Nithya.

As I write this on Day 30,  I believe this month-long process was sent to me by the Universe to get me through an extremely turbulent time in my life. I am deriving immense solace and strength from it. I am able to not just feel much better and hopeful - but also am able to structure my thoughts and take action - which is so critical at this time. There are energy shifts taking place physically within me ( challenging ) , in my work environment ( fabulous ), in my thought process ( fantabulous ) and even in my vibe - because things cannot transform in this way otherwise.  

About halfway through this process - my horizon has expanded to a 100 X of my previous thinking and I am gifted with BIG dreams, the ability to think out of the box and actionables on how to make things happen for myself - rather than let things happen to me. But the best has happened a few days ago where my ultimate perception of abundance has manifested in a way that is beyond my wildest dreams. 

This vision is now my North Star. It’s what I am focusing on to rise way above and beyond the circumstances that threatened to bog me down for the rest of my life. I now have the faith, courage, ability to overcome this and achieve my highest level of abundance and my highest potential.

Please accept my deepest gratitude for everything that you do. How wonderful How amazing. How joyful is all this. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

~ Riitu


Dear Nithya Shanti,

Abundance Intensive course is very very deep and it has helped me to look into various limited beliefs that I was carrying from many years. I’ve attended a lot of courses on this subject but this is a very unique and powerful course. After joining this course I started seeing changes in my life. I started attracting more clients for coaching sessions. Money started flowing easily and effortlessly. My financial confidence has grown so high. I’m literally seeing miracles happening from day-1 of Abundance Course with you…almost everyday miracles.

My Breakthroughs after attending Abundance Intensive Course with Nithya Shanti:

Breakthrough No.1: More clients are showing up and my coaching sessions are going good. I'm carrying super confidence in talking to clients and enrolling them for my coaching sessions.

Breakthrough No. 2: Seeing money flowing in my life. Not so much money but I'm celebrating with joy every time I'm receiving and spending. I see it as a positive sign of change.

Breakthrough No. 3: Showing up myself more actively through connecting to new people by spending extra time with my services. They are very happy. Especially I started offering some free sessions to people who want to transform themselves.

Breakthrough No. 4: People are in my closest circles, like friends are feeling great inspiration/energy by talking to me.

Breakthrough No.5: I'm going to have a meeting with a couple of corporate guys (playing big), who also work in the same field I am in. They were there in my recent group session, they are inspired so much with my session (happened 10 days back) so they want to work with me in collaboration. It's going to help me to take my work to the next level. This is really a very big Breakthrough.

Breakthrough No.6: This morning (30th June, 2024) I received a call from one of my friends with whom I’ve spoken 5 years ago, she said that she will offer her work space for me to conduct my coaching sessions. And she is willing to promote my work in the corporate world. It’s a very big miracle. I’ve moved to Bangalore recently. I was looking for a space for my sessions for the past 3 months and now it got manifested today. I’m so joyful and blissful.

This course has opened new doors of abundance in my life. My deepest gratitude to Nithya Shanti.

Deep Love, Respect and Gratitude,

Loka Guruguntla from Bangalore


Hi Nithya,

I am truly grateful for this abundance course with abundance of knowledge and activities and so abundantly giving in this course. 

When I read about this course I had this strong feeling of doing it no matter what but the time didn’t match due to time differences. I was so grateful I could extend my plan and I didn’t even miss a day. 

One day I had dream where you told me that why I am not able to move in life because I am always questioning “mujhse kaise hoga?” And shown me the happiest place beyond. 

When you asked, one thing we are grateful today?, I was just thinking about this course and all the knowledge you have shared and helping us clearing our limiting thoughts, I had tears of gratitude. 

I am so truly grateful for the gift of sharing. 

One command was one of my favorites. 

With you I have learned tapping and now it comes so naturally. Getting up and being in a state of gratitude is now becoming a habit. Unseen therapist is now my friend. 

Abundance games and coming with 108 ways was so much fun. I am now coming into awareness of my limiting beliefs and now I know how to handle them. 

Everyday was new and I learned new ways and it’s something that I have learned and continue for the rest of my life. 

I have always craved going out or doing things I wanted. But this stress around spending money and my husband’s unwillingness to go out anywhere made me even more stressed. After I finished Reading the 20 page document of Lester’s life, something strange happened. One of my friends asked me if I could accompany in one of her trips to Leeds. As I confirmed that I could come and was about to make the reservations for the journey, she immediately sent me the tickets of the journey and all have been taken care of.  I was awestruck by this. Never in my life has something like this ever happened.

Nithya, I wanted to say that your book “Unburden” is one of my favorites and when you shared the gratitude, I had tears in my eyes. I hope I could share my feelings of gratitude in words. But I hope my feelings are conveyed in these words. I feel so abundant as I have so much to experience. Thank you for bringing this big shift in my life.

Arigato Arigato Arigato

The Highest in me bows to the highest in you 

Shruti Singh 



Thank you Nithya

Sunita this side from Ontario Canada

This course was daily during my office day hours and magically I always almost 90% made it. I don’t know how it was done but this happened in reality.

I would say this was not the course that I have learned or studied.

I felt like 30 more daily and I experienced my own inner feelings and got connected to my own self.

Every technique whether it’s unseen therapist, EFT , one command, transmission….. created a beautiful aura within Me.

I felt as if each and every day was designed perfectly for my needs only.

The way you made the things so easy simple and playful 

Truely from core of my heart, so grateful for your all the gestures and responses 

Just wanted to share in short how the desperate feeling was healed once in 2-3 minutes with EFT and gratitude filled my life with tons of smiles 

Once again Thank you so much Nithya 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Sunita Sharma 


Hi Nithya, 

Thank you for the wonderful course. I think the 30 day grind made a real change in how I look at abundance. The daily practice with you made the difference. It is one thing to know the technique and a totally different thing to practice with you consistently for 30 days. The techniques offered were also very helpful and suitable for different needs/occasions and moods. The course was very pragmatic in the sense of both acceptance of what is as well as actual actionable change. Thank you for the balanced and practice oriented change. June 2024, has been an important milestone in my Abundance journey. 

With deep gratitude




I was not meant to join this course as was going to  be in Bhutan for a week as soon as the course Began but then I messaged you and u said do it you will cover up and I did……It was month full of learning exploration letting of patterns…..saying good bye to old belief systems and welcoming the new ones……the practices I learnt are gonna help me and help others through me cause a shift is happening and the abundance inside me which most precious is spreading to every cell in my body and this will lead to the financial freedom I seek very very soon….

In deepest gratitude for taking so much pain and simplifying every technique taught so easy.

The highest in me bows to the highest in you may you enlighten every path life takes you on.


Shivani Gupta 


Dear Nithya,

What can I say… I truly don’t have words to describe the gratitude I have for you and this 30-day journey you took us on.  

I still can’t get over the fact how you have always managed to get me out, every time, precisely and accurately, whenever I find myself badly stuck in my life. 

This course too was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. And that’s huge. And that’s magically beautiful. 

I decided and wanted to do this course the moment I read your email. At that very moment I knew I must do this. There wasn’t an iota of doubt except that I won’t be able to give my time to it as various things were happening in my life both personally & professionally. And to my utter disbelief, after just a couple of days of the course, every distraction that I had in my life… dissipated… without making any effort, without even trying. 

And that just proved to me (not that I needed proof) that the Universe is saying “don’t worry about anything else that’s happening around you; just take your time and do this course.” And that’s what I exactly did 

I was able to attend every day, dot on time. I can’t stop laughing when I think about it, as I have no clue how it happened. 

Then came your assignments and exercises. Each one is so powerful and so, so healing. As I said, exactly what I needed, when I needed. How so wonderful! 

I have to say that because each of them was so powerful and so deep and the shifts it brought within me were so visceral, that even though I was trying to do everything every day and document everything I still haven’t been able to finish all of it, yet. 

This is not a complain, this is just to tell you that, I have been in the flow… and I will continue doing it till I’m satiated.  

You should see my Notion page dedicated to this course. I fully poured my heart out. So much clearing. So much healing… that I’m full of awe, wonder & joy. In ways that I had forgotten how that could feel like. I’m so proud of it. And it feels so goddamn good ;)

I also completely agree and relate to what everyone has said above and I’m sure I’ll agree with everyone writing after me. So, my gratitude is multiplied that many times ;)

To be honest, I could go on and on, but I’ll leave it at this. 

As always, you have been the savior of my soul and I cannot thank you enough for being you, and for this course. 

With best wishes, warm hug and lots of love.



Hi Nithya, 

While the course was exceptional, what touched me the most was that whatever you taught us was clearly reflected in your course offerings. I could see that you practice what you preach, and that for me is the highest respect for a facilitator. The way you shared so much deep wisdom from your heart, and how generously you shared resources, showed your true intention of giving & providing genuine value. I think you have given us much more than what we could have asked. From tomorrow I am going to miss getting ready at 7:30pm with my laptop! I have had some great shifts during this course and one thing that I realized is that healing & re-learning doesn't have to be a serious process. It can also be light, fun & loving while being deeply transformative when done with consistency & sincere intention. Thank you very much for this beautiful course! May you be happy! 


My dear Nithya Shanti ji…

I am soo very grateful for getting an opportunity to attend this course.  You taught many powerful techniques in such a simple manner.. Now I feel abundant naturally.  Not that I had to put great effort and learn. Whenever I spend money automatically a smile comes and I feel happy and grateful. 

I had a big limiting belief that whenever I accumulate some money, there will be some situation, so that i will be forced to spend that money to someone.  I will never get that money to spend for myself.   Obviously as I believed the same was happening always, and I used to even think I should not save any money - anyway I will not get… but miraculously I experienced… I had saved 80Thousand, and there was a function in the family and my Son told me that, “Amma I am going buy the gifts - you don't spend any money.  You buy whatever you for with your 80k !!!”  This means really I am moving forward in overcoming my limiting beliefs. 

Thank you soo much for your wonderful teachings.  This is an amazing, authentic, powerful course.

The highest in me bows to the highest in you.

Bhavani Chittar - Bengaluru.


Dear Nithya,

Seema K from Nasik. 

I am so grateful for this AAI Course. Glad that I could attend all 29 days. Looking forward to today’s session. You taught so many amazing tools/techniques in one course. Never took so many notes after college days, almost one notebook full of notes 😊

Never thought about limiting beliefs in so much detail earlier. Tapping is really making wonderful shifts. I even taught this to my sister, she is struggling with many health challenges.

The 108 ways to add value and 108 experiences lists are giving me an opportunity to really look into myself and making me realize that I too want so much to experience and offer to everyone. 😉

Go as a Blessing, Come back with your friends has become a mantra. 68 seconds of appreciation are available so many times. Switch phrases are a regular practice.  

Enjoyed writing “Guess What “ Letters. Will continue to do so.

There are few assignments I could not even start. However, I plan to complete them too in due course of time.

Still facing many challenges in life, however, feeling in control.  Mere attending the sessions and making notes is not all, regular practice is required.

Nithya has a RESET button though. He has shared with us too. There is so much to share. Can’t express everything in words

Nithya, you are a channel of blessings in my life. Looking forward to many more teachings /courses from you dear Nithya.

Lots of Love

Seema K 


Dear Nithya ji! 

How wonderful to be the part of your community🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Deep Gratitude for creating this course and sharing your wisdom through it. You are the channel of Blessings for many people like me. 

I am Hema Shukla from Columbus, OH-USA. I attended 80% of the course live due to office hours here. I was so fortunate working from home so I could attend this course and finished assignments as well. I am on Emerald plan so I would definitely revisit it again. 

I would like to let you know that you won’t believe that couple months back I was thinking about doing prosperity portal course and thought it would be nice if it is live cours and look at that you offered this course manifestation worked 

This is an amazing course I ever had! This seems a big shift and gain tremendous trust to universe’s process. 

108 dreams and 108 ways to add value, lofty questions- these assignments opened my strength which I was not even aware of. I can’t even express my feelings and gratitude in words. It is way beyond words. 

So Grateful! Lots of love! 

How wonderful! 

Wish you the Best, 

Hema Shukla

Dear Nithya Sir,

I am extremely grateful for this amazing course on Abundance Activation. It has been a wonderful journey over the course of which I feel so expanded, free, and joyful. I now feel abundance is my birthright and all I have to do is dissolve the blocks and allow abundance to flow to me freely. I esp loved the Share Your Gifts initiative. It has helped me expand my heart way beyond imagination and I am so very grateful that now you have expanded it to include your extended circle. Feeling immensely thankful and full of gratitude. You are an amazing teacher, Nithya sir. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You :) 

Dear Nithya ji, 

The highest in me bows to the highest in you!

To be able to join this course and attend each Live session (1 recorded) has been a big blessing. As I have been inspired and taken away deep learnings with each lesson you have taken. There has been an identification of blockages and I have to work towards those as my next goal using the techniques you have generously shared and explained. I am happy to have upgraded to be able to access the sessions as I wish to go back to them a number of times, with blessings 🙏🏻

I looked forward to attending each session Live and worked things around just to ensure that happens. With all grace, Time worked well in favour :) And it’s wonderful how you had a new thought and inspiration to share at every session! 

On the personal front, I have experienced beautiful changes in my relationships and dealings with people around me. I have begun looking at things more positively and with gratitude. My approach towards money and spending has changed positively. And I experienced shifts in myself over this month and hope to continue to use the learnings as a constant in my life. 

I felt a bit overwhelmed with all the content & assignments & the intention is to complete and submit before 10th of July 🙏🏻 These were easily doable and this actually has been a blockage I have struggled with for years - wherein I try to do things perfectly leading to a lot of procrastination and delays. I hope to come out of that through using EFT technique. 

So much gratitude to you and I am fortunate to be part of this wonderful community to learn and grow. 

Thank you so very much! 🕉️


Dipti Singh


Dear Nithya,

Deep, deep gratitude for your presence in my life. Each time I complete a course or a session, there is a shift.

This particular course has helped me deepen my practices like EFT, Tat etc whilst also learning new ones like Lotus, IMULL and dreams and obstacles. The shifts have been perceptible. 

On 28th Jan of this year I had done a session with you, where you asked us to write a WIG, wildly important goal. I wrote during your session that I will become the Executive Principal of my school. I had no idea how or when it would happen, but I trusted the process. Unexpectedly things happened and tomorrow, just as we complete this course, I take on that role with expanded sense of purpose, emoluments and reach, to hopefully create positive ripple effects in education. 

I continue to learn and grow and be a channel of blessings because of you. 

Arigato. Thank you. Loads of love. 



Dear Nithya

I joined this course with trust in my heart that shift will happen and it has happened in various aspects of life. 

A major challenge for me is  that I think it's way too much information to process in such a short time, personally I require more time to feel and imbibe the practice / teachings.  I have not been able to keep up with the assignments as well . Having said that, I think the material /knowledge provided in this workshop is AMAZING and very very enriching. I am glad that i can return to the recordings to be able to repeat the course at my pace. 

Thank you Nithya for being such a beautiful channel of blessing in our lives. 

Lotsa loves always 



Thank you thank you thank you ;) 

Dolly D. ( Mumbai) 


Dear Nithya

Recently many “abundance courses” came my way. A friend was starting something she wanted me to be in the first batch. I thought I had a shift in that course itself. Then the old limiting beliefs came back.

When you announced I was not sure if i should join, then joined when you sent the second message saying I don't try to sell my courses so much, but this one is special.

I am so thankful I joined. I attended the majority of the sessions live. Missed just 2 sessions of the month. 

The limiting beliefs assignment was so good, not just because I wrote down some of mine. But it was heartening to see many others having the same limiting beliefs. I used to think I am something special having issues with making money. Others can do it if they want. Tapping has been an issue for me since the time I did it with you in 2011.

I cant use it when i want it the most. I have applied it for others and it has worked, but when I am going through an issue, I won’t be able to focus on the physical pain nor the feelings and i used to get distracted by thoughts. The argument tapping was the answer to it. I could just let my brain do the q and a session and come to a conclusion! Previously i used to try and control it. 

I am sure this method is going to be my go to method. Also one more introduction to the infinite therapist was also wonderful. I will be using both these to clear my limiting beliefs.

The six degrees of connection and impossible dreams are also very powerful and I will be putting the wishes forward.

Thank you so much for this sangha and you! I am sure you will have some way for all of us to stay connected and support each other.




Dear Nithya,

This course has been absolutely transformative. I was eager and curious  to see what is it you would do in each session. I learnt tapping from you in 2019 but I was skeptical about it at that time.  The practice neatly landed during this course and I could reduce the hold of many of my limiting beliefs. I’m able to incorporate gratitude for whatever I have, whatever I receive and whatever I pay for. I’ve always loved the simplicity of Ho'oponopono and I loved it that you introduced it in this course as well. You reminded me of the power of Switchwords. Many practices were very accessible for me and I will reach out to whatever feels right for me at any given time. 

The session that really threw open the floodgates of limitless possibilities was the “Act as if” session. You will be receiving a “Guess What” letter from me in a few years, Nithy, telling you how that session changed the course of my life 😍. I am now ready to do the optional assignment that you’d given. 

I thought, at 52 years, what more would I do in my life. That was my biggest limiting belief, which I didn’t even know I had. 

I’m in an expansive space. 

Thanks and immense gratitude for structuring the course so beautifully, and for compassionately putting together all the  resources. 

Thanks to the Sangha as well for contributing to the resources so enthusiastically. 




Hi  Dear Nithya Shanti, the highest in me bows to the highest in you.

I feel a deep connection with you and the whole group. I feel like joining this course has been the best decision taken. Amazing shift has come in my life during these 30 days.

1) I feel more joyful and confident in myself and in my abilities.

2) First time in my life I feel I can provide so much value to the world by offering my services. I feel so much privilege and feel confident expressing myself fully.

3) Big shift in my thinking about money, it feels deeply that I am always taken care of and will always be taken care of.

4) I feel deeply connected to the guidance within me.

5) I see money is coming to me, through me and from me. I feel prosperous, grateful and appreciative. The instant I change my thoughts towards how abundant I already am, my heart is filled with joy.

6) learned so many tools through this course which can help me boost my own practice.

7) The beautiful seeds has been planted for transmission which i received in abundance transmission session which i feel is always staying with me.


Alefiya Contractor


Dear Nithya,

My feeling of abundance has become strong. I am getting work from places I was not expecting. They had stopped classes for 2 years now suddenly I have already done a class. There is confidence in controlling my limiting beliefs. Money is being deposited into my account i really don’t know why they are very small amounts. I have the confidence what we have done this month has worked for me totally. There was a property of mine that was not selling; it has just been sold.

Thanks a ton Nitya my most grateful and humble bows to you.




Dear Nithya,

There are so many things I have learned from this course. However, the most prominent is the ability to trust that I will receive everything I need exactly when I need it. This gave me the courage to resign from my job in order to follow my calling to start my own business (for a second time). My fear has always been that I cannot earn enough money doing what I love to support me financially. I have no idea how or exactly what I am going to do, but I know that all my needs will be taken care of. I feel such freedom in my heart now that it is almost overwhelming. 

Thank you for this amazing opportunity to learn from your teachings. My life has changed forever and I am so very grateful.

With love and blessings,

Paula Andersen


Dearest Nithya,

I feel short of words to describe the love , joy and peace I feel attending your workshops . For this one I feel I don't have the capacity to understand the shifts , but I know it's happened at a subconscious level. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your most heartfelt teachings , pure intentions and  I feel blessed to be learning from such a beautiful teacher. Sending you lots of love and looking forward to share unending victories with you.

May God’s grace always be with you.

With love

Shilpa Passi


Dear Nithya, 

These meetings have been the best 30 mins of my day. Beyond the wealth abundance, I got access to abundance in all areas of life. Before joining the course, I had started doing the affirmation of “Everything I need is accessible to me right here, right now”. However, this course was a real entry into that abundance. I realized I needed abundance and openness in other areas of my life, more than wealth abundance. There are so many teachings from this course, that it is hard to put down in words, but I have been using “Ho'oponopono”, “Go with a blessing, come back as a friend”, EFT, “Relax and Flow”, and others. Most importantly, like you described, the idea is not to fix all the issues, but to get acceptance about the issues, and that has been transformational. 

The last few days, I have found myself to be joyful even when my health has not been the best. 

The learnings from this course will extend far beyond this 1 month, and far beyond wealth abundance for me. Though, there has been a lot of movement in terms of my work as well, with at least 1 contract that is confirmed. 

I do intend to keep revisiting the course, and keep learning. 

The last session was exceptionally beautiful. Thank you so much. Arigato, Arigato, Arigato 

With love and lots of blessings,

Kavita (Singapore)


Dear Nithya

This was simply one of the best courses I have ever attended. Your sincerity , commitment and the earnest desire to deliver the best to all your participants is truly commendable . This was such a liberating course. There were so many valuable lessons. The resources and techniques you have shared sure will help all of us for a long time to come. This was the best 30 mins of my day for the last 39 days. I would so look forward to our time together. It was truly rejuvenating. Something inside sure feels better and uplifted . We are lucky to have a wonderful teacher like you. I just didn’t want this course  to end. The highest in me

Bows to the highest in you .  God bless!!!




Dear Nithya Ji,

I am forever grateful for this wonderful course offered by you. Before this month I was at my all time low, had quit my job, from a career woman to a homemaker & mom of a toddler, I was slipping into darkness of lack & misery in my thoughts, had lost all my confidence & strength to face the world. I got into the course thinking that I will get to learn to enhance my financial situation without realizing that it will open up or clean up so many blocked thought patterns I was stuck with not just money but the overall energy of abundance. This whole one month, each day had been a unique learning & experience, with so many wonderful yet easy tools to practice. You are such a wonderful teacher, loved the humors, the stories & the genuineness to change us into living a beautifully conscious life & help us move from darkness to light. Almost every other sentence from your mouth was like an “Aha Moment” There has been so much of shift in my energy & thought pattern. I have become consciously aware of the chain of thoughts that cloud up at times & now I can quickly catch & switch them into thoughts of abundance & love..As you said the seeds have been planted, will keep providing the right nourishment for the plant of abundance to  grow & flourish in time. Some of the tools have become a part of me now, weaved into my daily practice.I want to keep practicing & try to master them so that my little child can pick some into his life observing me naturally as he grows up..We have started to keep saying  “How wonderful” appreciating life every moment & being grateful.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Loads of love




Hi Nithya,

I don’t know form were to start. Thank you so much for being in my life and being part of my life.  You are like a friend holding my hand to my journey to learn my soul lesson. In these 30 days course I have learned so much from you. I can feel something has shifted in me and in my life. I don’t know about how much shift in abundance in money surely lot of abundance in quality of life I have been living. I start my day singing” May I be the channel of blessing for someone today”. Through the day I go through problem I just smile and say, “acute problem but it’s a cute problem”. through different tapping method which I never thought was so affective has proven that it has really helped me a lot in breaking lot of limiting belief and dissolving lot of anxiety which was building in me. Any time in a day if I have some question or anxiety I tap or do ho’ponopono..either I get the solution or I get relief. Doing tapping with you every evening and learning new ways has really helped me a lot. I do my best and leave the rest to karma. as I believe lot in soul journey and God. I know what ever he is giving is for best and what is not it is for my good. There has been major shift in my mood after attending your course in the evening. Earlier I was like I have not enough, or I have not enough mindset. But now I sleep with the feeling of wholeness and fulfillment that I have enough which other don’t. I have feeling of lot of gratitude so much that all the pain I have been going through has healed quite a bit. My relationship with 5 people in my life has improved a 

lot as I have stop expecting and correcting them, instead I have started correcting myself and establishing new connection with them.  The symbol you have taught for gratitude, love, abundance etc I keep drawing in air or I am doodling it is quite fun, I don’t how much that has helped me, but I love is very relaxing. I have earned lot of different tools and apps which I am learned. I am working on Notion and Daily diary .it is great app. new books which I have bought are in pipeline to be read. Different technique like Lotus practice, command, switch word go with the flow and many more has helped a lot and can resonate with it. Few of your technique went over my head but I know when right time will come, I will get it….it will be like aahha moment. Your vibe will attract your tribe mindset had helped to weed of people and add people of my vibe and created new friends circle with same mindset. I still care for people I love but I have stopped carrying them. I am not picking that suitcase anymore. I got a vision and shared with Anurag , now we together have started thinking and working toward building and creating time for building  home for old age people calling it “Apna ghar”. This 30 day has changed lot in me, got lot of clarity in my thinking. Every minute spend in this 30 min practice was worth it. I have lot more to share but wanted to keep in brief. Please don’t laugh. I know there is lot more to learn from your Pandora box of learning. You are like a Pandora box. Thank you is very small word. I will end by singing “Mera mangal, tera mangal “for you. Lots of gratitude from my side and lots of love. Thank you so much.

Loads of love 

Ritu Agarwal


Dear Nithya , 

Thank you once again for a wonderful course. As I got back into the rhythm and routine of everyday life post the recovery from chemo and radiation, I knew that in spite of everyone telling me that I looked well and had coped so well … I had some unfinished work to complete. I knew that even though I showed up every day with a bright smile , I needed to once again trust life and my connection with it completely. Somewhere there was a fissure and I needed to trust again, once again embody a sense of joy and prosperity that now felt a tad forced but earlier came fairly easily to me. And this course helped me do just that. It felt tailor made for me and I know every participant in this program will believe and say the same! That’s the beauty of a program like this. 

Thank you for teaching us some wonderful tools, forcing us to ask ourselves some hard questions, inviting us to be uncomfortable, and I know from past experience that temporary discomfort always paves the way  to great breakthroughs and realizations. Truly grateful that I could be part of this program; I’ve learned to be more accepting of myself , less guilt for what I cannot do , more courage and compassion too. You are a fantastic mentor and there has not been a single session that hasn’t touched a deep chord. I have never used the word ‘money minded ‘ with such positivity ever in my life! I’m so curious to see where all this decluttering will take me ! 

I’ve promised myself that I will use all these tools you’ve taught us and keep reminding myself of all that truly matters. May all the joy and happiness you’ve shared with us over the past month come back to you multiplied manifold 🙏🙏 

In complete gratitude 

Nandini Nair, Pune 


Dear Nithya,

I am the luckiest person as I was gifted this course by you, when I was going through the crisis which I shared with you. I could overcome my loss though not completely but the blessings you gave were very powerful and I think in no time I'm going to make 3 times more than what I lost. Except for last 3 or 4 days I've attended all the classes live and I've upgrade to emerald so that i can revise and imbibe the practices better. Also the constant urge to earn more has silently subsided as the confidence has set in that I'm already abundant and whatever I need I can easily afford. I can't specifically say what has changed but I'm feeling relaxed and secure. When coming to the practices, I feel each one has its own charm and advantage. I need to repeat the course( revisiting the sessions) and finish some more assignments.





Dear Nithya,

My abundance activation started with affirmations some 15 years back. I have read so many books on abundance and prosperity and have been practicing several techniques such as Switchwords, affirmations, abundance rituals, etc with some good results.In fact I had enrolled for the recordings of Prosperity portal too.(Not completed yet 🥺 ). But this AAI is amazing, as it is a comprehensive course with so many techniques and practices which are easy to apply in everyday life. Though I could not attend all the live sessions due to some personal reasons, I am looking forward to learning more from the recordings. Thank you so much for creating such a transformative course on abundance and mentoring me in this journey.  I am already experiencing the positive shifts this course has offered me and I am looking forward to experiencing more abundance in all forms. 


With love and gratitude,



Hi Nithya,

As always what's needed shows up and that's how the deep desire to be part of this course. It's touched me in ways unimaginable...moving with ease, deeply grateful for everything that's part of my life, going through it like a dream, not getting stuck to anything and am probably in a state of manifesting without realising. I cannot say one process has helped but feel everything has done it's job.

I am calm which is my biggest victory and the turbulent relationships have kind of settled down, may not have cleared totally but are not causing me the stress they would in the past.

I am eternally grateful n deeply indebted to you and to God for opening up this path for me through your guidance. I am living in the present, grateful n enjoying what is coming my way n so thankful that I learnt this well in time. Thank you very very much Nithya for all your teachings 🙌🙌🙌 from the land of 🦘 which is so much like a dream. Tathastu, and so it is and so it is 🙌

Ritu Menon


Dear Nithya

Thank u for conducting this course

I have been a seeker since a very long time

Had been searching for a way to address my negative thoughts. This course taught me to locate my limiting thoughts which gave rise to these difficult to handle thoughts .all techniques are v plan is do the course again next 30 days to absorb it even more deeply.would like to compile all the good thoughts I learnt here to repeat in my mind.would like to compile all the symbols at one place to draw as many time I can.with deep gratitude and hoping to learn more from u soon

Anu jain


Dear Nithya

Grateful  for this one month

Of practices whuch have changed my way of thinking, thanking and being

U taught us with great love and friendship

U Were so Mindfull of us not getting overwhelmed 

I felt so at ease each day and eager to see what new practices U taught

Tapping has become a regular practice espclly when going to sleep

The invisible therapist

Relax and flow

Deepen and glow 

Have become a part of me

I plan to assemble all good thoughts ,positive feeling statement sand make a practice to repeat them each day

As part of my Reiki practice Would channel healing to others but have since Last 1 month started sending abundance and love to aĺ I meet.when u said Richard Gere does it

It reminded me of the story u narrated  of the novel a lady wanted to write and when she didn't it reached someone else

.some ideas r universal, we just need to tap into them

When u opened the doors of our mind and soul we became more receptive to thes ideas and started downloading them

I have been a seeker longterm

And I don't want to pause this journey

I will compile and absorb these 30 Days better but would like to learn more and continuously

pls let me know how

And yes love your laugh and way with words.

Anu Jain 


Dear Nithya

The highest in me bows to the highest in you🙏

Whatever you focus on Expands….and these 30 days have just been so profound in bringing the focus in the right direction every single day ! Its been a feeling that a light has been with all of us through these 30 days and we all ar shining ⭐

Abundance , having that as a mindset and also the ability to see the world through a pure lens of gratitude and appreciation through the tools and practices and your guidance is what will have a lifelong impact , thank you💜 

Neeru Mehta 


As Nithya said, June was really a month of healing for me. Thank you for the wonderful Abundance Activation Intensive course.

It was Amazing.

The interactions, all the 108 challenges and the way people are participating was so amazing that words are falling short to describe the experience.

I personally got healing at so many levels like physical health, emotional health, financial health and family health..

And now it's coming to social health and healing.

Thank you Nithya for this offering and the Sangha for all the interactions.

Everything was and is awesome 👍🙏💖

Dr Suwarna Tambade from NASHIK 


Hi Nithya,

Abundance Activation Intensive (AAI) has been as its name suggests indeed a 10X AAI for me.

You gave much more than I could have imagined. I missed many sessions due to the time difference. I appreciate that you also made it interactive and we each got to give and receive abundantly. Thank you for a beautiful engaging course initiative. I also liked the notes and daily slides which were shared with us.

Seema Govind


Hi Nithya

My deepest gratitude for sharing amazing interactive experiences. ( doesn't feel like a course)

I just loved the statement, lene nahi dene aaye hain

I could feel some shift in my thinking and also some limiting beliefs cleared. I love doing EFT, 3X appreciation, ho'oponopono and the stories you shared. Yesterday's session brought tears into my eyes practicing brahmaviharas, maitri. Also “Share Your Gifts” is an incredible thought.

I can't express what has shifted but definitely something has happened. 

More power to you Nithya.

Arigato Arigato Arigato 


Renu Lal 


Dear Nithya Sir, 

A testimonial would not justify the amount of shift that I experienced at a core level. I know that the Abundance Course has imparted an impression not only on my conscious and subconscious mind but on the superconscious mind as well. An irreversible shift, an awakened truth and a deep connection with Source. Tapping into Abundance Consciousness felt like coming home after a long lost life. Each and every tool, technique and process was unique, powerful and enlightening. Your channeled words in between and after the practice sank deep into my being. I had tears of realisation and gratitude. The course gave me a fresh new lens to look at money. The transmission was not just through words but energy and presence. We were not taught what Financial Freedom is, rather experienced it on all levels- body, mind and soul. The fun activities, videos, stories and anecdotes made the course wholesome. To me, the course was much more than just Abundance. It opened a new perspective within me to look at life. I just know within myself that an outward shift is waiting for me now; the same happened when I read ‘The Surrender Experiment’ by Michael Singer a few years ago. The course filled me with the highest possibilities and emptied me of my limitations. Ideas and Inspiration are waiting to be executed. Thank you for offering this and being a blessing to the world. Thank you for being the guiding light. Thank you for helping me believe in my gifts and sharing them with the world. You poured and gave us all pure heartedly, that’s my major take away - ‘What can I bring ?’ In your presence, I got to experience what it feels like to live your purpose and step into your highest expression. I bow down to you in gratitude and pray to my ancestors and the Universe to always keep you in his grace. My deepest love to you and the team who made it possible for us. May all the members of the community experience shift in their lives harmoniously in divine timing with the highest good of all. Sabka Mangal Ho. So be it. 🌻🙏

- Tanistha A. Aneja


Dear Nitya, 
The Highest in me bows the highest in you. 

Something has shifted inside of me, and I am unable to clearly put my finger and articulate what the shift is - But it certainly happened, and I have never felt such a deep sense of gratitude and peace in my life as I did with this course. There is a new friendship with money in a way that I don’t fear it anymore, it’s a funny sense of knowing that it will always be there and take care of me. There is a renewed sense of stillness, peace, confidence, and security, knowing that my faith and the intelligence of life are always looking out for me, that everything will work out in divine time, and that each day is a divine day like today! Some of the meditation sessions had a deep impact on me—filling me to my core and yet allowing for whatever needed to be released. I now have a new awareness of whether what I am thinking is just a limiting belief, followed by a sense of empowerment, knowing the many tools we learned through the course to help tackle it.

There was a lot I took away from the course, but the closing Mangal Maitri chant hit home for me: collective love, consciousness, and Anumodana

I’d like to share 2 instances of how abundance showed in my life during this course. 

  1. My husband had been contemplating trading in our current car, as he felt it was depreciating faster and the family may need a bigger car. I was very happy with my current car and agreed to check it out given the case made for “depreciation”. We agreed that we would make the switch if it was a cash-neutral decision. So we went to the showroom last weekend - while the bigger car is not cash neutral - the dealer gave us a discount as we were return customers- and voila - we had a sparkling new bigger car. Just to try and help quantify how huge this abundance was I will share this - We went to the dealer in an Audi Q5 and walked out driving an Audi Q7, all in a matter of 3 hours- that to me, was abundance in action.
  2. In my current job and company, I have learned a lot, for which I am very grateful. Given the economic conditions of the last few years, we haven't received a solid bonus for the last few years despite it being a decent part of our compensation. And GUESS WHAT- I received an email stating that we will receive a bonus this year- again this was a very unexpected source of abundance. 3X gratitude:) 

I can’t help but wonder how does it get even better than this. 

I am deeply grateful to you for this experience and to myself for showing up open to whatever each session had to offer. I hope to experience an in-person session with you.

More power to you. 

Thank you so much,  



Dear Nithya,

Here’s what I have experienced during this 1 month of AAI. We assume abundance to be money, however, it goes much beyond that. I have realized how important our state of mind and what we think, what we focus on is. These are vital ingredients for this dish called life and abundance. This course has been liberative - and I say this because it got me to understand that my own limiting beliefs stop me from experiencing joy to its fullest and I do have the capacity and the power to change them. I have experienced many miracles. Like, I would think of someone and I would end up meeting them, “By Chance” at a location where I never expected to meet them. My husband recently gifted me a considerable amount, which I am looking forward to sharing with my loved ones. I feel much healthier and energetic. I don't blame, shame myself on all those occasions when I am unable to show up or do my best.
While AAI  was meant to be a course to activate abundance, I think what it essentially has done is help us all be co-creators of our life in the deepest and truest of ways.

Much love,



Thank You so much Dear Nithya 🙏

For enriching my life with Your Offering 'The Abundance Intensive Activation' during the entire month of June, 2024 which has opened a world of possibilities living deep-deep within me and which I was not even aware of. Had heard about the mystery filled potentials in us, but never knew, each one of us already has it. Nithya, You have with Your exceptional soft skills guided us to use the many tools offered by you during the  month of June.

The Lotus Practice 

During the first step of digging,  I touched upon very deep rooted issues which when dug out also enabled me to see many more issues piled up beneath, which one by one came to the fore during daily repeated practices leaving me feeling lightweight and in a joyful spirit of achievement after each practice.

Standing Meditation...The One Command 

For the first time ever I learnt standing meditation, a breakthrough from the regular sitting meditations. A total present moment awareness practice which is grounding, connecting and unique too.

Gratitude Tour of my house... 

A conscious bare feet slow tour of my house every morning from the main gate to the inside of the main rooms, makes me aware of the earth energy, can feel that spaciousness within, which is experiential, feels a loving connect with the four walls of each room, acknowledging the usefulness of each furniture items etc. is heart warming and a spontaneous release of joyous energy makes it a gratifying tour indeed. I now feel a two way friendly connection with the surrounding energies.

Saying Affirmations along with Tapping 

Learned and felt the unique practice of spoken affirmations along with 'TAPPING' on selected acupressure points on the face and body which with regular and concentrated practice is more powerful and am loving it.

The Unseen Therapist 

This is a miracle practice for me as conversing with the Unseen Therapist comes easily and anytime  to me which I am really enjoying. Such easy access, is encouraging, feels supported and is a two way communication.

-  Marilyn

Complete and Continue