Bonus Session #4: Investing Made Easy with Shilpa Deshmukh

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00:06:58 Rajiv Bharadwaj: Shipla talk a bit louder

00:07:44 Padmajaa Iyer: Can’t hear you very well

00:08:08 SB Singh: voice is very low

00:11:01 Anupama Chib: thank you so much Shilpa. This is the perfect time to receive what you are granting.

00:11:23 Smitha Subhram: infinite blessings to you Shilpa

00:12:27 Savita Pattar: Thank you Shilpa and Nithya for this session

00:12:42 Magdalena Baciu: Thank you Shilpa. Infinite blessings and gratitude to you ❤️

00:12:58 Sapna Ahuja: Good morning Everyone💐

00:13:32 Vinit Taneja: Thank u Shilpa ,gratitude to u and Nithya arigato

00:13:47 Natasha Sinha: Deep gratitude Shilpa, and so much gratitude for your time and sharing. Much love <3


00:14:03 Manisha Kalra: So grateful to you Shilpa🙏love and blessings💗

00:14:39 Reshma: Absolutely my favourite “Chintu” Person! Thank you for this wonderful session. So much love and gratitude.

00:15:54 Nivey: So so Thankful to You Shilpa and Nithya for presenting your wealth of Info with selflessness and genuineness. Infinite Blessings ! Arigato.

00:17:22 SB Singh: thanks Shilpa and nithya conducting such wonderful session about wealth and prosperity

00:17:50 Magdalena Baciu: Thank you Nithya for facilitating this. 🤩🤩🤩

00:19:48 Nivey: Beautifully Expressed Shilpa.

00:19:57 Shruti Sanganeria: Love the Big picture

00:20:09 Reshma: Such a beautiful perspective.

00:21:27 Mani Bareja Mumbai: So right Shilpa.... Money is not every thing but definitely quite important part of our life

00:22:17 Srishti Agrawal: Wow Shilpa, love how you expressed the whole picture and how this is your dharma

00:22:58 Mani Bareja Mumbai: And knowing how to generate passive income is so important part of enjoying the other areas of life

00:23:21 Dr Manju: Nice narration Shilpa

00:24:11 Natasha Sinha: Such relevant points, and reassuring too. Some that we have notions around that can be broken.

00:26:08 Lakshmi Ramnath: Nithya. immense Gratitude to you.for giving this opportunity to us.Arigato.😇😊

00:30:49 Arvind: Hi Shilpa, is there a way your volume can be increased please

00:31:11 Nithya Shanti: I can hear her well Arvind

00:31:36 jyoti Arora: discretionary = luxury

00:32:17 Nithya Shanti: Buying board games is a core expenditure

00:32:32 Magdalena Baciu: 😂😂😂

00:32:50 Atima Joshi: Nithya's courses are core expenditure!

00:33:17 Sumithra Sharatkumar: True!

00:33:37 Lakshmi Ramnath: @NS and sharing the Joy of these BOARD GAMES IS what makes you THE GOOD MILLIONAIRE .😇😊

00:33:40 Nivey: Nithyas courses are Life Time Investments my humble view not expenditure...

00:33:40 Savita Pattar: True

00:33:56 Radhika Srinivas: Nithya and Shilpa! Universe has chosen you to give me holistic answers to my burning questions! Gracias.

00:34:22 Prashansa Daga: I was really spending the all my money on discretionary stuff ...

00:34:33 Rajiv Bharadwaj: Shilpa cant listen

00:34:54 Smitha Subhram: There is some dark patch on the screen , on the left side.

00:35:10 Roshni Chetan Hinduja: Shilpa’s voice is clear

00:35:42 jyoti Arora: slide design

00:35:44 Lakshmi Ramnath: yes Thank you Zoom n Vodafone Shilpa loving the Session.

00:36:29 Nithya Shanti: I would be jobless if everyone did the obvious

00:36:39 Magdalena Baciu: 😂😂😂

00:36:41 Shruti Sanganeria: LOL

00:36:44 Radha Ramnath: So true 

00:36:48 Kalpana Sivakumar: haha

00:36:50 Nandita Bhaskar: hahahha

00:36:54 Nivey: Hahah

00:36:59 Nikhila K: haahaaa

00:37:05 Lakshmi Ramnath: wow Shilpa. i can soo connect with you

00:37:10 Dee Light: I don’t want a 5 carat diamond ring! Instead I want a home in Florida 😎

00:37:10 Roshni Chetan Hinduja: Haha! Shilpa this is so good. So important to make this board.

00:37:35 Smitha Subhram: Your teachings are Obvious .Nithya :)

00:38:22 Vinod Kumar Jain: any criteria how much to save?

00:39:35 Drishti: whats time lines for short-term, medium, long term?

00:40:20 Drishti: Thank You

00:41:05 Radhika Srinivas: wouldn't it be great if all the initial years of ones life - twenties, I mean - be the time to make a vision board? wouldn't it be good if this is taught in graduation years?

00:41:15 Nithya Shanti: I think we should all aim to retire in 5 years or less

00:41:25 Magdalena Baciu: 👌

00:41:47 Puneet’s iPhone: Yes please.... definitely within 5 years

00:42:21 Magdalena Baciu: We cannot see the entire slide due to the design

00:42:24 Reshma: Me too

00:42:29 Shruti Sanganeria: same here

00:42:52 Vaibhav: That black patch is the zoom particiant's view

00:42:54 Rhituparna Mitra: For me too

00:42:59 Smitha Subhram: please choose another slide , may be slide design

00:43:03 Anupama Chib: for me too

00:43:08 Nivey: Yes

00:43:09 Lakshmi Ramnath: Shilpa i was bullied into buying 20000 shares of Syndicate bank shares. then we got amalgamated into canara. and 20000 shares were turned into some 2800 canara bank shares. i hv never invested in Shares . besides the bank also tied up with Indian bank for loans to Syndicate bank staff fir this ESPO. so .i feel cheated. how do i understand when to sell. whenever u get time plz guide.

00:43:12 Rohan Singal: This happens when you are using only one screen. It happened in my book launch also.

00:43:21 Smitha Subhram: yess please

00:43:22 Rohan Singal: Minimise all other windows

00:44:29 Nithya Shanti: Only BMW

00:44:45 Prashansa Daga: Aston Martin?

00:44:48 Radha Ramnath: 😂😂😂😂BMW 

00:45:12 Lakshmi Ramnath: i Know  UVW

00:45:27 Gokul (Venkatraman Subramaniam): Beamer Baba

00:45:53 Natasha Sinha: A Land Rover for Road trips

00:46:20 Magdalena Baciu: Maybe we could get the presentation without the black squares as a separate doc from the recording

00:48:45 Nithya Shanti: Thats why board games are important

00:49:20 Komal Kanal: :) Monopoly

00:49:23 Savita Pattar: 😊😊😊

00:50:13 Radhika Srinivas: wow! seeing exponential growth requires effort n it money or self growth!!! lovely example of the chess board

00:50:39 Shweta Agarwal: 29 days

00:50:51 Gokul (Venkatraman Subramaniam): One day earlier

00:50:52 SB Singh: 29

00:51:29 Nithya Shanti: Wait till one day before your death

00:51:49 Divya Sharma: 😂

00:51:52 Shruti Sanganeria: :-D

00:51:57 Kalpana Sivakumar: lol

00:52:00 Sumithra Sharatkumar: LOL! You are on a roll today, Nithya.

00:52:01 Muskaan: 😂

00:52:14 Akshit Hanslas: Miraculous ending! :)

00:52:28 Prashansa Daga: I know I was thinking the same ! When will I spend the money like Uncle Scrooge

00:53:57 Smitha Subhram: Most of us are Late:(

00:54:14 Natasha Sinha: Late bloomers are also good bloomers :)

00:54:40 Mani Bareja Mumbai: Shilpa the only thing is that the rate of returns are really low so may be span of big return will change

00:54:41 Rhituparna Mitra: I was about to say what will then become of us

00:55:37 Rohan Singal: These calculators are there on all mutual funds site

00:56:14 Mani Bareja Mumbai: We may be a little late for magic compounding for ourselves but let’s try putting this seed in all younger generation

00:57:26 Lakshmi Ramnath: mani Baneja yes. true

00:58:04 Lakshmi Ramnath: but we are in PROSPERITY PORTAL. so We are all Good Millionaires.

00:58:15 Komal Kanal: okay 2 works

00:58:22 Mani Bareja Mumbai: Yes agree 😊

00:59:12 Akshit Hanslas: Being disciplined in every state and stage of life and leaving behind an estate..

00:59:13 Vaibhav: Excellent book to understand compounding in all aspects of life: 

The Joys Of Compounding: The Passionate Pursuit of Lifelong Learning

by Gautam Baid

It helps us understand - Compounding wealth, compounding health, compounding positive thoughts, compounding knowledge, compounding good habits, etc.

00:59:14 Komal Kanal: The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge: 5 Principles to Transform Your Relationship with Money

Book by Brad Klontz and Rick Kahler

00:59:24 Rhituparna Mitra: Your volume is dipping for me

01:00:03 Natasha Sinha: Jumping mouse

01:01:05 Komal Kanal: someome asked about worksheets -

01:01:20 Smitha Subhram: If you have more slides, send the slides to paddy or other co-host meanwhile. You can avoid the trouble Shilpa:)

01:03:33 Natasha Sinha: Shilpa can you please explain these terms. I’m still learning the ropes. Thanks <3

01:05:28 Karthikeyan V: would u recommend specific % allocation to each of them

01:05:59 Nivey: it can be nice if we can have another Session by this an ocean and it will take a while to understand some terms ...

01:06:18 SB Singh: how can diversified the asset allocation

01:08:52 Varsha Nandgaonkar: Mix of Equity & Mutual funds stocks depend on your risk apetite

01:09:21 Magdalena Baciu: What is PPF please?

01:10:00 Mani Bareja Mumbai: Natasha I am happy to explain you in details about these terms ... do connect if you want to 😊

01:10:03 Puneet’s iPhone: It’s like 401k in the US

01:10:19 Varsha Nandgaonkar: PPF - Public Provident funds

01:10:25 Akshit Hanslas: 3 things to be considered: Risk Tolerance/capacity, your overall time horizon and what financial goals you want to address

01:10:30 Natasha Sinha: Thanks Mani :)

01:10:37 Akshit Hanslas: PPF is like an IRA/Social Security

01:10:43 Atima Joshi: Some countries have a central provident fund. Some have a public provident fund.

01:10:47 Magdalena Baciu: Thank you

01:10:52 Puneet’s iPhone: CPF in Singapore

01:10:58 Shruti Sanganeria: How does gold appreciate?

01:11:25 Yash Jain: don't u recommend index fund

01:11:35 Roshni Chetan Hinduja: My dad is an expert in investments in Gold/commodities. If anyone is interested in learning, I can ask him.

01:11:46 Roshni Chetan Hinduja: I’ll put you in touch with him.

01:11:47 Radhika Srinivas: mutual fund falls inequity?

01:12:11 Kalpana Sivakumar: it's equity

01:12:11 Nithya Shanti: Sensible Sex

01:12:20 Akshit Hanslas: haha

01:12:21 Shruti Sanganeria: hahahaha

01:12:22 Natasha Sinha: For over 2 years I’ve invested in FDs with very low returns - is mutual fund a better option?

01:12:22 Rajiv Bharadwaj: :)

01:14:21 Lakshmi Ramnath: natasha Banks have v v low interest rates these days.

01:14:59 Lakshmi Ramnath: shilpa how can v learn whichbstocks to invest

01:15:21 Natasha Sinha: True Lakshmi therefore what’s\ the alternative?

01:16:01 Lakshmi Ramnath: natasha. putting in different baskets.

01:17:28 Lakshmi Ramnath: thank you Nithya

01:18:42 Padmajaa Iyer: Thanks Shilpa for your time and effort… I have to leave.

01:19:35 Natasha Sinha: That’s what I would like to understand. Which are the good baskets? <3 :) End of the session. Lakshmi <3

01:19:43 Nandita Bhaskar: like a casino

01:20:29 Roshni Chetan Hinduja: Agree. It would be nice to know if you’re just starting off which are the safest investments?

01:23:26 Shilpa Passi: Small case ?

01:23:48 Shilpa Passi: Thanks 😊

01:23:55 Vijayalakshmi: look up in zerodha small case

01:24:06 Komal Kanal: it's part of zerofha

01:24:12 Vaibhav:

01:24:15 Shilpa Passi:

01:25:22 Shilpa Passi: Can u please talk about futures and options also please . Thanks

01:25:44 Mani Bareja Mumbai: Shilpa is this short time has introduced so many avenues beautifully.... you tube has very nice videos on each type and has small snippets

01:25:56 Sanjeev: - for further details on Small case

01:26:11 Lakshmi Ramnath: yayyyyyy. nithya fabulous idea. all Of US ARE GOOD MILLIONAIRE.

01:27:20 Smitha Subhram: Shilpa, Seriously Consider Nithya's Suggestion.

01:27:20 Mangesh Thote:

If anyone is interested to know more on the basic of stock market you can refer to above courses:

01:28:00 Puneet’s iPhone: Is the return on Mutual funds is averaged to 12%?

01:28:32 Lakshmi Ramnath: wow Shilpa. we call it INCLUSIVE GROWTH

01:29:31 Kalpana Sivakumar: Thank you Shilpa:)for wonderful session

01:29:32 Lakshmi Ramnath: make Informed choice is the task.

01:29:41 Gokul (Venkatraman Subramaniam): Thank you so much for sharing you knowledge & time, Shilpa! Arigato!

01:29:42 Magdalena Baciu: How wonderful

01:29:51 Magdalena Baciu: Thank you so much

01:30:01 Puneet’s iPhone: Thanks a lot Shilpa ...

01:30:16 Karthikeyan V: Awesome, Thank you Shilpa,Thank you Nithya

01:30:16 Dee Light: 🙏🏽❤️

01:30:24 Manisha Kalra: Thank you Nithya and Shilpa💗

01:30:25 jyoti Arora: thanks shilpa

01:30:26 Vijayalakshmi: How do you research to identify the right fund? If I want to invest in index fund how do I identify the right fund?

01:30:28 Varsha Nandgaonkar: Thank you so much Shilpa for a wonderful session

01:30:29 Shilpa Passi: A wonderful presentation shilpa . Really benefitted from it . Bless u 💕💕🙏🏼🙏🏼

01:30:30 Natasha Sinha: This was fabulous. Work for the joy of working. :)

01:30:30 Komal Kanal: CA Rachana Ranade YouTube channel is simple to understand basics of Stock market, if anyone wants to learn more

01:30:31 Muskaan: Nithya can you repeat the goal please

01:30:35 Puneet’s iPhone: Joining you in this intention Nithya

01:30:39 Varsha Nandgaonkar: many concept got cleared

01:30:40 Nidhi Chawla: Thank you Shilpa. Lots of love

01:30:41 Shruti Sanganeria: Thank you Shilpa!

01:30:46 Deepa Devi: Thanks a Lot Shilpa. Very informative session. Thank you Nithya for this session. Deep gratitude.

01:30:47 Vijayalakshmi: Thank you very much Shilpa

01:30:48 Mani Bareja Mumbai: Thank you so so much Shilpa and Nithya

01:30:52 Dhara Gawade: Thank you shilpa

01:31:08 Atima Joshi: Shilpa, this has been super super helpful! :) Bless you! And bless Nithya!

01:31:18 VISHAL GODHE: Thank you so so much Shilpa and Nithya

01:31:20 Vasanthf: Thank you so much Shilpa!

investing is not just for me

its a contribution for the larger objective!!!

have always been scared to invest, but this is a great motivation! thank you!!!!

01:31:23 Mangesh Thote: Thank you Shilpa and Nithya.

01:31:25 Rahul K: Thank u so much Shilps

01:31:31 Radhika Mansata: Thank You very much

01:31:34 Savita Pattar: Thank your Nithya and Shilpa for this wonderful session 🙏❤❤❤

01:31:37 Reshma: Fantastic goal Nithya- Thank you Shilpa and you for this amazing session.

01:31:53 Komal Kanal: Thank you Shilpa for the presentation

01:32:12 Neelam Sharma: Thankyou so very much Shilpa and Nitya for this session.

01:33:02 Roshni Chetan Hinduja: Thank you Shilpa! Agree with you Nithya regarding the vision board, figuring out how much I want to save. And Shilpa I really didn’t segregate my expenditure from core to discretionary so this has definitely given me some perspective on where all my money goes.

01:33:03 Karthikeyan V: Shilpa can you share about investing discipline in crypto

01:33:34 Srishti Agrawal: Thank you 🙏  

Some great motivations from the session to take action :) 

Joining you in the intention nithya 😇

01:33:55 Prashansa Daga: Thank you Shilpa , for sharing this info.. yup I m joining Nithya on retiring in 5 years .. or may be 3 .. who knows ..

01:33:55 Mani Bareja Mumbai: For starters pls start with small SIP in mutual funds

01:35:03 Vijayalakshmi: How do you research to identify the right fund? If I want to invest in index fund how do I identify the right fund?

01:36:17 Reshma: Ys that would be great

01:36:24 Drishti: that would be wonderful!

01:36:28 GUEST-Sandeep Kalaskar: very nice session

01:36:36 Nandita Bhaskar: shilpa what are the mutual funds u invest in ?

01:37:02 Drishti: can we email Shilpa about this?

01:37:35 Lakshmi Ramnath: thank you very very very much. Shilpa n Nithya

01:38:02 Nithya Shanti: I will ask her Drishti

01:39:50 Lakshmi Ramnath: is there some portal ehere we learn ABC

01:39:57 Magdalena Baciu: Thank you so much Nithya and Shilpa

01:40:24 Roshni Chetan Hinduja: Lol

01:40:27 Lakshmi Ramnath: yesss. great. idea

01:40:28 Radhika Srinivas: shilpa, I have immense gratitude to my investment guys after your presentation! I took them for them! thanks

01:40:37 Mani Bareja Mumbai: If we invest just 2-3 months studying little on you tube and then you will be really clear when we talk to advisors also

01:40:49 Akshit Hanslas: Thank you Shilpa for conducting this wonderful session

01:40:58 Gokul (Venkatraman Subramaniam): Thanks again Shilpa & Nithya! :)

01:40:58 Drishti: Thank You so so so so much Shlipa and Nithya!!!

01:41:01 Varsha Nandgaonkar: I have also learned all this stuff recently

01:41:04 Srikumar Sreedharan: Thanks Shilpa for your wonderful was a good refresher and was happy that I did many of these right without knowing these in detail. I would suggest people to consult someone who can walkthrough with you ...will you go only to google to solve your health issues or will you go to a professional....just pay for good advice on things which we do not know much and do not want to invest our time on ...Thanks

01:41:12 Roshni Chetan Hinduja: Yes hahaha

01:41:32 Dr Keerthinmayee Karimaddela: Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Shilpa

01:41:38 Dr Keerthinmayee Karimaddela: it was AMA session

01:41:40 Varsha Nandgaonkar: And i think if we google on all this concept it will really help you understand all these concept in details

01:41:40 Puneet’s iPhone: Nithya has the funniest messages

01:41:40 Lakshmi Ramnath: Srikumar right

01:41:43 Dr Keerthinmayee Karimaddela: AMAZING

01:41:47 Lakshmi Ramnath: beautiful

01:41:48 Dr Keerthinmayee Karimaddela: session

01:41:49 Nandita Bhaskar: immense gratitude shilpa and Nithya

01:41:54 Natasha Sinha: Nithya thanks for making this happen with Shilpa <3

01:42:00 Dr Manju: It’s great information Shilpa 

I have starters investments in stock since last year and it’s amazing return 

Do follow CA Rachna Ranade for learning the basics

01:42:06 Natasha Sinha: Arigato

01:42:07 Reshma: Shilpa you just demystified such a dense topic with such grace and ease. Love.

01:42:14 Dr Manju:

01:42:53 Sapna Ahuja: Thanks for the knowledgeable session Shilpa and Nithya🙏

01:42:59 Nandita Bhaskar: this is pure gold . I've heard so so many of these talks . each with a vested interest .

01:43:06 Lakshmi Ramnath: lol

01:43:22 Lakshmi Ramnath: shilpa wonderful. thank you.v v much

01:43:48 Natasha Sinha: Love Shilpa’s unconditional contribution :) So grateful xo

01:43:52 Sandeep Tulshyan: Thank You Shilpa for this wonderful session!

01:43:58 Smitha Subhram: It changed my perspective about the financial instruments and investments. Thanks Shilpa nd Nithya

01:44:01 Rohan Manvi: Thank you very much Shilpa for sharing your knowledge. Very Helpful !!

01:44:03 Nandita Bhaskar: insurance guys will say buy this , mutual investments will start buy this ... always so confusing . this was a non biased session and super easy to understand . thanks so much 🙏

01:44:23 Drishti: Thanks Srikumar!!!

01:44:28 Radhika Mansata: it was a great presentation thank you

01:44:46 Natasha Sinha: For the first time excited about investing :)

01:44:56 Smitha Subhram: Please Consider Nithya's Suggestion as a fund raiser for our community

01:45:01 Savita Pattar: love you Shilpa❤❤❤

01:45:05 Smitha Subhram: fund manager

01:45:05 Roshni Chetan Hinduja: Thank you Shilpa! Agree with you Nithya regarding the vision board, figuring out how much I want to save. And Shilpa I really didn’t segregate my expenditure from core to discretionary so this has definitely given me some perspective on where all my money goes.

01:45:20 Lakshmi Ramnath: lucidity explained. special thanks for giving me an opportunity to ask my query

01:45:42 Nandita Bhaskar: and that too on a Sunday morning

01:46:03 Deepa Devi: An eye opening session. Will look into the Mutual fund going forward. Wonderful session Shilpa. Thank you Nithya.

01:46:22 Lakshmi Ramnath: and so it is Nithya

01:46:26 Dee Light: Amen

01:46:26 Reshma: How wonderful!

01:46:34 Magdalena Baciu: And so it is

01:46:40 Rohan Manvi: and So it is !! Arigato Nithya !

01:46:42 Dr Manju: Thank you Nitya

01:47:04 Vijayalakshmi: Thank you Shilpa

01:47:06 Vijayalakshmi: Bye

01:47:17 Magdalena Baciu: Ma yur ma for Shilpa

01:49:13 Puneet’s iPhone: Maiyur maa

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