Bonus Session #7: Investment Guide by Indu Khatri

Chat messages:

00:20:25 Rashmi: Indu, I had a question on etf

00:21:35 Ashish Kumar: Please also share the tax implication of investment in overseas ETFs

00:22:22 Srikumar Sreedharan: Are there any ETFs which track S & P index?

00:22:58 Rashmi: Can we cherry pick companies within eft , for example specific banks

00:23:42 Vinod Kumar Jain: Tax on Short Term Capital Gains STT paid is 15% 

00:23:55 Ashish Kumar: Do you recommend ETFs for trading or long term investing or both?

00:25:30 Lakshmi Ramnath: ETF where can i get more learning

00:25:34 Ashish Kumar: Thanks Indu!

00:26:03 Lakshmi Ramnath: thank you indu n nitya

00:26:29 Lakshmi Ramnath: i almost typed EFT instead of ETF. lol

00:26:59 Ashish Kumar: ETF for EFT 

00:27:05 Prashansa Daga: Does ETF also hv dividend payback ? Like MF ?

00:29:23 Gangarajam Nakka: least amount with we can start investing in EFT

00:29:41 Lakshmi Ramnath: so ETF IS LIKE MID TERM RIGHT?

00:37:38 Ashish Kumar: Is ROE a relevant parameter to look at? Could you elaborate a bit on the concept

00:39:18 Yash Jain: ETFvs index fund pros and cons

00:40:10 Lakshmi Ramnath: thank you

00:40:42 Ashish Kumar: Thanks Indu

00:41:33 Rhituparna Mitra: Will you share the PPT with us?

00:41:54 Dr Keerthinmayee Karimaddela: what's the exact difference between mutual funds and etfs

00:49:41 Lakshmi Ramnath: thank you v vvv much

00:50:42 Prashansa Daga: Asset under management-AUM

00:51:25 Rhituparna Mitra: What's the return on Debt Mutual fund?

00:52:51 Nidhi: do you track your portfolio daily? does this practice require daily monitoring? time spent?

00:57:41 Rhituparna Mitra: Some say ULIPs fool the investor and you actually lose money (I don't understand the reason well but they say smart investors don't invest in ULIP). Is that true?

00:59:02 Rhituparna Mitra: Yes, that's my challenge. ALl wealth managers are pushing ULIP

00:59:43 Mangesh Thote: You can use camsonline and Fintech to buy directly from fund houses. You can sell and track your mutual fund portfolios on these websites or through their mobile apps.

00:59:50 Rhituparna Mitra: Thank you so much!

01:00:20 Lakshmi Ramnath: yes fd are paying too less sadly

01:04:05 Seema Mehta: Would you recommend investing in Silver, Ma'am?

01:04:44 Ashish Kumar: Yes, is there a financial instrument to invest in silver

01:05:15 Ashish Kumar: Thanks Indu

01:05:28 Vinod Kumar Jain: Indu ji Thanks a lot for wonderful sharing

01:05:34 Manisha Kalra: Thank you Indu💗

01:05:37 Meeta Bagwe: Thanks a lot Indu…..

01:05:50 Rhituparna Mitra: Can you please explain once more - what should be the first things to consider while choosing mutual funds? (for long term investment)

01:05:59 Srikumar Sreedharan: Thanks Indu for was usefull

01:06:08 Vinod Kumar Jain: Nitya ji Thanks a lot for arranging this. Gratitude.

01:06:17 Ashish Kumar: Thank You so much Indu ji for a wonderful session

01:06:21 Ashish Kumar: Arigato Nithya

01:06:33 Padmajaa: It was so beautifully explained in such simple terms. Thanks a ton Indu

01:06:56 Gangarajam Nakka: Nithya Arigato

01:07:17 Dhara Gawade: Thank you Indu, wonderful session

01:07:34 Seema Mehta: Thank you very much!

01:07:49 Shruti Sanganeria: Thank you so much, Indu!

01:07:53 Prashansa Daga: Thank you Induji ! For your time n this session ..

01:07:59 Mangesh Thote: Thank you 🙏

01:08:02 Amrita .: thank you and Arigato ... Indu and Nithya

01:08:03 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: Thank you so much Indu 🙏🏻

01:08:12 Nidhi: thank you 💖

01:08:13 Lakshmi Ramnath: thank you indujii

01:08:32 Seema Mehta: Have you heard or know of Cube Wealth?

01:08:32 Lakshmi Ramnath: thank you nithya

01:08:32 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: I’m using ETMONEY App for mutual funds management 

Is it reliable

01:09:22 Seema Mehta: Cube Wealth is offering 12%. Do you know of them, Ma'am?

01:09:58 Atima Joshi: Thank you so much Indu! I am slowly starting to build an understanding and also an interest! Very grateful to you and to Nithya and to the other presenters, for all these learnings. :)

01:11:40 Seema Mehta: Kindly speak of Cube Wealth, if you have heard or know of them.

01:13:27 Dr Keerthinmayee Karimaddela: what's the name

01:13:35 Dr Keerthinmayee Karimaddela: ..kunarta

01:13:36 Nandita: The Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2021-22 - Series IV or the fourth tranche will be open for subscription from July 12 - 16, 2021.

"The nominal value of the out to Rs 4,807 per gram of gold," the RBI said.

01:13:49 Nandita: is this worth investing?

01:15:11 Nandita: ok . thanks so much .

01:15:19 Nandita: hahahah

01:15:46 Padmajaa: Simply brilliant

01:15:52 Dr Keerthinmayee Karimaddela: Thankyou Thankyou Nithya and Induji it was fantastic

01:15:53 Amrita .: it was awesome... really helpful...

01:15:59 Rajiv: Great Indu …. Many thanks..

01:16:02 Seema Mehta: Thank you Arigato Danke Shukriya Merci

01:16:02 Atima Joshi: We loved it! Thank you! Loved the energy!

01:16:02 Rashmi: Really amazing presentation Indu..very very grateful

01:16:04 Gangarajam Nakka: excellent...Great thank you

01:16:06 Varsha .: its awesome

01:16:06 Shruti Sanganeria: Eye opening presentation, Indu

01:16:07 Padmajaa: Never understood all these investment terms earlier

01:16:08 Sudha: indu, thank u so much. I am actually in the process of opening a demat account

01:16:10 Manisha Kalra: Beautiful presentation

01:16:11 Rhituparna Mitra: Very simple and sorted presentation

01:16:11 Nidhi: it was a brilliant and a very coherent session

01:16:16 Prashansa Daga: I learned so much ! It was really amazing .. thank you …

01:16:18 Gangarajam Nakka: Arigato

01:16:25 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: Great 👍

01:16:27 Lakshmi Ramnath: agree nithya. loved indus preservation

01:16:31 Varsha .: very helpful.. lot of clarity got on investment

01:17:01 Lakshmi Ramnath: oops.😥

01:17:01 Savita Pattar: Thank you Indu for wonderful session.

01:17:10 Manisha Kalra: May this community prosper even more✨

01:17:22 Lakshmi Ramnath: preservation. it is. of money

01:17:26 Ritu Agarwal: Thank you Induji … always your student .. following u everywhere .

01:17:38 Prashansa Daga: Thank you Nithya for organising

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