Bonus Session #5: The 6 Jars System of Financial Management with Shruti Sanganeria

Chat from the call:

00:20:57 Ashish Kumar: Good Morning Everyone

00:24:40 Rajiv Gulati: Me

00:24:56 Deepali Sanghavi: I don’t earn but enjoy it to the full

00:25:16 Padmajaa: 0

00:25:16 Ashish Kumar: 5-6

00:25:16 Deepa Devi: 1

00:25:16 Dr. Smitha Subhram: 0

00:25:19 Natasha Sinha: 6/10

00:25:24 Ravindra Mehta: 1

00:25:24 Deepali Sanghavi: 6

00:25:24 Rohan Singal: 7

00:25:24 Nivey: 5-6/10

00:25:25 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: 7

00:25:25 Ritu Agarwal: 6/10

00:25:26 Nitin Gupta: 6/10

00:25:26 indu Agrawal khatri: 9

00:25:26 Vinod Jain: 6

00:25:27 Srikumar Sreedharan: 7

00:25:28 Shilpa Deshmukh: 8

00:25:29 Drishti: 7

00:25:29 Rhituparna Mitra: 5

00:25:30 AKSHIT HANSLAS: 8

00:25:31 Prashansa Daga: 7/10

00:25:33 Nidhi Chawla: 6

00:25:35 Rajiv Gulati: 6/10

00:25:38 Puneet Sinha: 6

00:25:38 Nithya Shanti: 6.5/10

00:25:41 Savita Pattar: 5/10

00:25:42 Meeta Ghuwalewala: 5

00:25:44 Atima Joshi: 6

00:25:56 Komal Kanal: 7

00:30:42 indu Agrawal khatri: MMI

00:30:53 Rohan Singal: MMI - I attended it in 2019.

00:31:12 indu Agrawal khatri: I learnt this system from him book in 2007

00:40:07 Lakshmi Ramnath: mam. 3 rd jar name is .?. can u plz repeat

00:40:19 Rohan Singal: play jar

00:40:23 Puneet Sinha: Play jar

00:40:34 Lakshmi Ramnath: thank you

00:41:01 Rohan Singal: I like this presentation with images along with Shruti instead of a slide.

00:41:25 Dr. Smitha Subhram: +1 Rohan

00:41:37 Deepali Sanghavi: Yes new way realy nice

00:41:43 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: Yes

00:41:45 Nidhi Chawla: yeah, quite a wonderful way to present. curious to know how does one manage this :)

00:42:12 indu Agrawal khatri: ECAMM live

00:42:39 Lakshmi Ramnath: shruti  thank you.

00:42:43 Nivey: Yes Rohan, I also Like the way it is presented where one can see the info while Shruthi is talking. Thank You Shruthi for educating us in a simple, practical way.

00:44:46 Nidhi Chawla: thank you Indu

00:45:12 Deepa Devi: WOw

00:45:19 Nivey: Wonderful !

00:45:21 indu Agrawal khatri: I started with Envelopes

00:45:31 Manisha Kalra: Wonderful

00:45:38 Savita Pattar: wonderful😊

00:45:48 Deepali Sanghavi: Really wonderful

00:45:53 Deepali Sanghavi: I’ll make mine too

00:46:16 Natasha Sinha: Love your presentation and physical jars. So heartening to see and learn <3

00:46:23 Dr. Smitha Subhram: Beautiful Life Sharing, Shruti. Thanks

00:46:43 Renuka Taneja: Awsome presentation

00:47:02 Lakshmi Ramnath: i wish   whats that Indu jii

00:47:02 Renuka Taneja: Can u tell the 5 Th jar later

00:47:10 Rohan Singal: you can also have different mutual fund folios for these 6 jars

00:47:26 Dr. Smitha Subhram: Long term Savings

00:48:50 Nidhi Chawla: does the education jar refer to self education only or education of kids as well?

00:50:55 Nidhi Chawla: thank you Nithya and Shruti

00:55:53 Nidhi Chawla: don't have a personal income

00:56:37 Nidhi Chawla: do you consider household income?

00:57:17 indu Agrawal khatri: I am already doing it

00:57:28 Rhituparna Mitra: Skewed proportions

00:57:30 Drishti: Doing it better than I imagines

00:57:30 Vinod Jain: This is after tax. Right?

00:57:33 Drishti: imagined*

00:57:40 Natasha Sinha: Shruti what happens when the husband is taking care of most essentials?

00:57:43 Vinod Jain: Spending more on necessities

00:57:50 Atima Joshi: You suddenly have a feeling of enoughness! :)

00:57:52 Prashansa Daga: Yup this is more or less happening with skewed prop

00:57:58 Partha: I am not organized

00:58:02 vijay Shinde: Doable interesting way

00:58:03 Puneet Sinha: I like the classification… it’s helpful

00:58:05 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: Same here Natasha

00:58:06 Renuka Taneja: Have never done it … looking at it today

00:58:29 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: I’m not better organized

01:00:56 Natasha Sinha: Shruti I have questions please. :)

01:05:43 Puneet Sinha: Q- what are you doing with the financial freedom account??

01:08:05 Lakshmi Ramnath: shruti is speaking about this author.. i couldn't catch the name. can any1 help

01:08:17 Rohan Singal: T Harv Eker

01:08:18 Rhituparna Mitra: T Harv Eker

01:08:18 Deepa Devi: T Harv Eker

01:08:43 Lakshmi Ramnath: thank you v v much

01:09:07 Dr. Smitha Subhram: Lakshmi ,The author of the book we read with Nithya. THE GOOD MILLIONNAIRE

01:09:54 Renuka Taneja: Hope there will be a recording available ::: I will need to leave in. A few mins

01:11:09 Ravindra Mehta: thanks a ton 

01:11:25 Renuka Taneja: Loan will come in which jar

01:11:42 Rhituparna Mitra: One part of Long term saving jar

01:11:52 Dr. Smitha Subhram: LONG TERM SAVINGS FOR SPENDING

01:16:37 Manisha Kalra: I’ve been making envelopes for the jars🤩Thank you Shruti for guiding us with money with ease and lightness💖

01:17:58 Nithya Shanti: Allowance?

01:18:17 Nithya Shanti: Hafta

01:18:30 Deepa Devi: :)

01:18:32 Manisha Kalra: 😅

01:19:14 Rhituparna Mitra: Utilities/ Necessities

01:19:15 Ashish Kumar: Necessities

01:19:17 Vinod Jain: neccessity

01:19:19 Puneet Sinha: Necessity

01:19:21 Deepa Devi: Necessities

01:19:21 Rohan Singal: how would you manage the 6 accounts for a couple? is it a joint account

01:19:22 Atima Joshi: Collective and necessities

01:19:22 Ravindra Mehta: necessity

01:19:24 Partha: education jar

01:19:34 Rohan Singal: college education future LTSS

01:19:39 Partha: orlong term saving

01:19:45 Lakshmi Ramnath: longvterm

01:20:04 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: Ltss

01:23:31 Shilpa Deshmukh: love the idea for inculcating this habit with kids. Lovely Shruti!❤

01:23:55 Natasha Sinha: Agree Shilpa.

01:24:58 Dr. Smitha Subhram: How to quantify/taken into account the Wife/Women's /Spouse Unpaid Domestic and Care Work. It is high time we need to upgrade this perspective and actually Pay the spouse. Either to the stay at home Husband/Wife.        I disagree with the idea of Allowance/Hafta :)

01:25:47 Rohan Singal: hafta is for both and not for the stay at home person.

01:26:12 Nithya Shanti: Allowance is given TO the earning person 😄

01:26:53 Rohan Singal: the person is able to earn because someone is holding fort at home for everything else. So the thought is that income is common - I am sure it is not easy to take it that way.

01:26:54 Nithya Shanti: Earlier days husbands gave all money to wife I believe

01:26:57 Dr. Smitha Subhram: Ohhh , I understood it in the other way, somehow

01:27:35 Prashansa Daga: Yes, those days were best days ! For the wives atleast !

01:27:43 Dr. Smitha Subhram: Yess,Earlier generations , it is observed

01:28:14 Shilpa Deshmukh: intuitively she would put in such jars guess

01:28:23 Ravindra Mehta: still we do the same.

01:28:30 Padmajaa: Never seen that happenning

01:30:29 Dr. Smitha Subhram: What an Authentic Presentation, Shruthi:) Hats Off.

01:32:41 Visionary commandoYash: but what if

01:33:20 Visionary commandoYash: but what if unable to manage expenses in business then how can we pay salary to us

01:33:20 Rajiv Gulati: In the same spirit, at the moment I am lending personal money to the business for it to survive the pandemic. As soon as it earns, I will take back my personal money ...

01:33:36 Nitin Gupta: Thanks for an amazing session Shruti! Apologies that I have to leave now. I will definitely go through the rest of session in the recording.

01:33:46 Nitin Gupta: Have a great day!!

01:34:11 Puneet Sinha: I realize I did not have any play jar … thank you very much Shruti. I really found this classification very helpful

01:34:44 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: Are there any tools or excel sheets which can be used for this

01:35:18 Neelima G: what if, we don't have a fixed income, every month, but, a corpus fund from our savings, and using it to survive now.

01:36:03 Rohan Singal: I can resonate with Shruti - kept investing in business and not draw for 2-3 years - it did not help. I kept hoping things will turn around.

01:36:14 Puneet Sinha: What do you do with your financial freedom account?

01:36:33 Rajiv Gulati: Business cant afford to pay salary now. It needs to survive this period ….

01:36:35 Rohan Singal: Puneet - refer to shilpa Deshmukh presentation for that

01:36:39 Ravindra Mehta: yes

01:36:55 Puneet Sinha: I also agree about not taking salary from the business

01:37:00 Rohan Manvi: Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful money management system Shruti !! 🙏🙏. Need to exit now. Thanks

01:37:01 Ashish Kumar: Thanks Shruti for this session. I had learnt about the Jar System in 2018 but never got around to practicing it. Am starting immediately with making a play jar for myself...using a plastic jar like the one you showed

01:37:07 Nidhi Chawla: this is a new perspective. I haven't drawn salary from my business for last 7 years. definitely needs a relook

01:37:43 Rohan Singal: @rajiv - even in that business, I think draw a small salary even it 10k or 5k. and distribute that

01:38:19 Ravindra Mehta: yes

01:39:36 Neelima G: my husband and me are not working, but we have a corpus from selling a property, which we are living on. so, how do I segregate.

01:39:37 Rhituparna Mitra: Can you share a few passive income vehicles from your experience or Harv's session?

01:40:16 Nidhi Chawla: q) if I start drawing salary from my business do I need to combine this with my husband's and then split again as explained in scenario 2? or can I treat it as my personal income and implement the 6 jar system to this amount?

01:40:58 Ravindra Mehta: wow

01:41:20 Deepa Devi: Wow! awesome goal

01:41:23 Ashish Kumar: Awesome!!

01:41:25 Lakshmi Ramnath: yes nithyaa.

01:41:37 Manisha Kalra: 💕Nithya

01:41:39 Puneet Sinha: Yes please… 55% for financial freedom

01:41:45 vijay Shinde: Great goal Nithya 55% FFA

01:42:26 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: Great goal Nitya

01:44:44 Dr. Smitha Subhram: affiliate

01:44:52 Sanjeev Sethi: Passive Income- rental properties

01:45:16 Ravindra Mehta: thanks

01:45:23 Lakshmi Ramnath: even LIC AGENTS are Earning passive income. l

01:45:31 Vinod Jain: Wish we learned all these years back. Neverthless better late than never. Gratitude for so powerful lessons. We can use in our life from today

01:45:41 Rajiv Gulati: Rental income …… Interest on investments ...

01:46:03 Deepa Devi: Direct selling, network marketing, affiliate marketing

01:46:04 Lakshmi Ramnath: vinod i just told my sibling  this.

01:46:08 Deepa Devi: :)

01:46:21 Nidhi Chawla: I love that :) thank you

01:46:42 Natasha Sinha: How do I divide the jars on a 6 month sabbatical

01:46:48 Rohan Singal: What I learnt that Passive income is not only from investment portfolio

01:46:49 Puneet Sinha: People haven’t paid rent for months

01:47:13 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: Are there any tools or excel sheets which can be used for this …something handy

01:47:50 Lakshmi Ramnath: no no nithya. rental is still good am struggling with the landlords when i m trying to extend the lease.. they are insisting on 25% increase. lol

01:48:01 Nithya Shanti: lol

01:48:18 Lakshmi Ramnath: for my branches.. .😁

01:48:19 Rohan Singal: I tend to ignore Play jar and not allow myself to indulge.

01:48:19 Rashmi Sahai: Over the past few years I have saved a sizeable amount. Now I’m trying to decide whether to use it to start a business, or for my son’s university education or investing in financial freedom or should I allocate it in the six jar ratio

01:48:29 Prashansa Daga: Question - the give jar .. do we use it monthly? Annually ? Or carry fwd is allowed ..

01:48:32 Nidhi Chawla: LOL

01:48:44 Savita Pattar: LOL

01:49:59 Rohan Singal: prasansha- i think Give jar should be emptied every month

01:50:13 Rohan Singal: and play jar should be emptied every month

01:51:54 Rajiv Gulati: Poot kapoot …. (so no need to save for children, other than education ...)

01:52:02 Natasha Sinha: Thank you Paddy for asking this

01:53:04 Savita Pattar: Thanks Paddy for this question

01:53:38 Aakanksha Thakur: thank you so much Shruti !!

01:54:10 Nidhi Chawla: this is a brilliant session!

01:54:16 Manisha Kalra: Thank you Shruti💗

01:54:33 Deepa Devi: Mind blowing session. Thank you Shruti....Eye opening

01:54:36 Keerthinmayee Karimaddela: Thankyou Shruthi

01:54:44 Neelima G: thanks a lot Sruthi....Lovely session

01:54:49 Nidhi Chawla: thank you so much Shruthi and Nithya

01:55:01 Padmajaa: Brilliant session Shruti! For the 1st time in my life I have clarity on how to distribute my income

01:55:06 Ravindra Mehta: Thank you Nitya and Shruti for a wonderful session

01:55:17 Savita Pattar: Thank you Shruti.. wonderful session

01:55:19 Dhara Gawade: Thank you Shruti and Nithya.. Nice session

01:55:21 Ashish Kumar: Arigato Nithya

01:56:07 Prashansa Daga: Thank you for splitting the play n education I feel less guilty for buying books now

01:56:16 Nivey: Thanks much Shruthi for this wonderful simple practical session . Arigato Nithya and Shruthi !

01:56:21 Prashansa Daga: Thanks so much !

01:56:28 Natasha Sinha: Love the clarity with which you shared every aspect. And rewarding oneself. <3 This was an eye opener. xoxox

01:56:33 Deepali Sanghavi: What an amazing insight into Maloney management. Thankyou Shruti

01:56:34 Atima Joshi: Thank you very much Shruti! This has been beautiful! Very very grateful! :) xx

01:56:47 vijay Shinde: Super session, great insightful, formula based learning

01:57:11 Amrita Dolwani: Arigato Nithya and Shruti.. loved the concept of the 6 jars ...

01:57:12 vijay Shinde: Thank you Shruti

01:57:25 Drishti: Thank You sooooo much Shruti! 

01:57:41 Rashmi Godhe: Thank you Shruti for such a wonderful session

01:57:48 Rashmi Sahai: That’s a fantastic example Vinod. Thanks for sharing

01:58:08 Rashmi Sahai: Thanks a lot Shruti 🙏🏼❤️

01:58:11 Shilpa Deshmukh: beautiful session Shruti. thank you ❤

01:58:15 Sandeep Kalaskar: please share the recording

01:58:19 Lakshmi Ramnath: shruti. lovely session

01:58:23 Lakshmi Ramnath: thanknyou

01:58:24 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: How wonderful 

Thank you for sharing this Shruti and Nitya 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

01:58:42 Vinod Jain: Thanks and gratitude to Shruti ji and Nithya ji. 

01:58:58 Nidhi Chawla: I think I am going to draw salary from household income (spouse's income) and business too ;)

01:59:02 Lakshmi Ramnath: nithya. gratitude to you for getting wonderful people to help us

01:59:28 Lakshmi Ramnath: shilpa n shruti.. all S 's are SAVVY.😁😘

01:59:42 Aakanksha Thakur: thank you so much

02:00:01 Puneet Sinha: Me too… draw salary from business

02:00:07 Deepa Devi: Thank you Nithya, Thank you Shruti. Amazing session. Deep gratitude.

02:00:15 Puneet Sinha: Have a play jar

02:00:20 Shilpa Deshmukh: You are Lakshmi maa yourself ..much love 😘❤

02:00:27 Vinod Jain: I will start drawing salary from my profession from 1st July

02:00:47 Nidhi Chawla: +1 Vinod

02:02:02 Lakshmi Ramnath: thank you Shilpa.😊😍😇😘

02:05:49 Nidhi Chawla: so beautiful Drishti. thank you for sharing 💕

02:06:02 Deepa Devi: Wonderful Drishti

02:06:12 Manisha Kalra: Hugs to you Drishti🤗🤗🤗

02:08:35 Rajiv Gulati: Positive part is I will work on managing what I got ...

02:08:46 Lakshmi Ramnath: loved your laughter most. stay blessed.shruti

02:09:19 S K: Thank you

02:09:29 Shweta Agarwal: Thank you Shruti

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